FREE Booklet: The Great Valentine’s Day Hoax

Valentine’s Day, which is held on February 14 around the world, is touted to be a day to celebrate love.

However, have you ever considered what God thinks about this popular celebration? Could it be that millions of Christians are actually dishonoring God by observing Valentine’s Day?

If you want to know the truth, then you need to request a free copy of the booklet, “The Great Valentine’s Day Hoax.”

The great valentine's day hoax 10 reasons not to celebrate valentine's day booklet cover
The Great Valentine’s Hoax: 10 Simple but Powerful Reasons Christians Should Not Celebrate Valentine’s Day (Click here to download)

In this booklet, you will learn:

  • The dark history of Valentine’s Day
  • Why you should not celebrate Valentine’s Day
  • How Christians can show the true love coming from God

It’s time that you understand the hidden meaning of Valentine’s Day and how it can destroy your relationship not with just other people, but also with your Heavenly Father.

Click here to receive your free copy.

Don’t miss this golden opportunity to learn a new Biblical truth.

Until He comes,

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  1. I just received it! Thank you and blessings in Yeshua.

    And hereby we do know that we know Yeshua Messiah, if we keep his commandments.

    ~ 1 John 2:3 ~

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