5 Biblical Principles For Making Right Decisions [1-minute video]


Life is full of choices. Every day, you are challenged to make a decision. Some decisions are insignificant while others are life-changing. How can you make sure that you make the right decision? Here are 5 biblical principles to remember:

1. Follow what God clearly says in the Bible
2. Seek Godly Advice
3. Choose the Option that will Glorify God
4. List the Pros and Cons of your Options
5. Ask for God’s Will

These are just some of the best principles that you can use when making decisions. Remember that God is not the author of confusion and He is more than eager to direct your path.

Though every once in a while we make the wrong choices, do not forget that these wrong choices will remain a mistake if you do not learn from them.

I sincerely hope that all of us will make the right choices in our lives as we strive harder to make it to God’s Kingdom!

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