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5 Things You Can Do When You Hate Your Job

Do you hate your job? If yes, you should read this post. Discover what you need to do when you feel like your job has become a burden rather than a blessing.

How To Become A Source Of Encouragement

Are You an Encourager or Discourager?

When people talk to you, do they leave the conversation encouraged or discouraged? When people think about you, are they edified or vexed? When people lose their hope, do they come to you or avoid you at all cost? As Christians, we are called to be a source of encouragement. However, it is not always…

10 Compelling Reasons Why We Must Be Thankful

Why should you be thankful? Do you choose to be thankful rather than complain, murmur, or grumble? Do you see any reason to be thankful in any situation even during the darkest time? These are some of the questions you need to answer if you want to improve your physical and spiritual life.

For most people, it is difficult to be thankful especially when things don’t go their way. However, do you know that being thankful should be part of our lives as Christians? In this post, let me show you at least ten reasons why we must be thankful.