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5 Shocking Facts about the Antichrist You Probably Don’t Know

You probably have already heard about the Antichrist. However, how much do you know about this mysterious figure? Do you know who or what the Antichrist is? Do you want to learn how to overcome his influence? How can you better prepare for the coming great deception brought about this evil figure? Learn the answers through this blog! Here are the 5 shocking facts about the Antichrist you probably don’t know!

Did Adam and Eve repented of their sin

Did Adam and Eve Repent of their Sin?

We don’t see any clear scripture that answers this question. We don’t read that Adam and Eve repented of their sin and we also don’t read any scripture that says they didn’t. However, we can read some passages that show us that Adam and Eve could have repented of their sins. Initially, it is obvious that Adam…