Jesus Doesn’t Want You to Celebrate Valentine’s Day

A lot of Christians will be celebrating Valentine’s Day on February 14. However, do you know that Jesus doesn’t want you to celebrate this pagan holiday? Here’s why.

It’s February! It’s the time of the year where the prices of the flowers, chocolates, greeting cards, dating places, and many others exponentially go up. According to some statistics, Valentine’s Day is one of the costliest world holidays around the globe along with Christmas, Halloween, and Easter. And when you start to think about it, all of these holidays have its roots in paganism!

Valentine’s Day is a pagan holiday

A quick look at history books and encyclopedia will reveal to you the pagan origin of Valentine’s Day. I would not go into details, but let me give you a general idea of its origin.

Valentine’s Day is derived from the ancient pagan Roman celebration of Lupercalia, which is a fertility festival. This festival is commonly associated with immoral sexual activities, orgies, gluttony, and drunkenness. At the end of the festival, young men will draw young ladies’ names from a box and the two will become sexual partners until the next festival.

Jesus Doesn’t Want You to Celebrate Valentine’s Day here's why

The Catholic Church attempted to overthrow the growing popularity of this pagan holiday. So they came up with a clever idea and they connected the date with a Saint Valentine of whom we really don’t know who he really was.

In the late 1800s, Valentine’s Day begun to be popular, thanks to the people who would like to commercialize the tradition and they were very successful at it. They promote the day as the day you NEED to show your love through spending lots of money.

Does Jesus approve Valentine’s Day?

You might be shocked to learn what your Bible say about Valentine’s Day. First of all, there is nothing in the feast of Lupercalia that is worth celebrating as a Christian holiday. Showing love under the trappings of a pagan festival is an abominable and unacceptable act of worship.

We read throughout the Bible how God hates pagan worship. We read it in the following scriptures:

  • Jeremiah 10:1-5
  • Deut. 12:29-32
  • Colossians 2:8
  • Matthew 15:3
  • Matthew 15:8-9
  • Exodus 32
  • And others

GOD IS CONSISTENT. He considers pagan worship as abominable, detestable, vain, useless, futile, nothing, and SIN. If you really want to worship God, we need to stop celebrating pagan-holidays-turned-to-Christian-holidays.

What’s wrong with showing love?

Lupercalia or better known as Valentine's Day.
Lupercalia or better known as Valentine’s Day.

We need to realize that Valentine’s Day promote the wrong type of love. You might even argue that you are observing the day simply just to love your partner. However, if you try to rely on your rationalism rather than relying on God, then you are a god of our own self.

How does the Bible define love?

FOR THIS IS THE LOVE OF GOD, THAT WE KEEP HIS COMMANDMENTS. And His commandments are not burdensome” (I John 5:3).

So the Bible is saying that keeping God’s commandments is equivalent and paramount to showing love.

You need to ask yourself, “Are you keeping the commandments of God when you keep Valentine’s Day, which is a pagan holiday?”

I hope you’ll be honest with your answer. The obvious answer is NO and according to God, that is not love, but rather a sign of rebellion against Him.


Valentine’s Day is pagan and so it should never be celebrated. The society may pressure you to do so, but you need to please God rather than men. Be a Christian enough that will stand against false tradition that glorifies satan. Show your love everyday and never limit your love in Valentine’s Day. Know the truth, live the truth, and the truth will set you free. 🙂

6 thoughts on “Jesus Doesn’t Want You to Celebrate Valentine’s Day

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  2. absolutely true. Valentine’s day promotes the wrong type of love – immorality, drunkeness, lewdness, sex and eventually abortion. Christians should never celebrate a pagan practice


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