FREE Booklet: Edify (a book about improving your communication skills)

FREE Booklet Edify A book about improving your communication skills according to the Bible

You and I know the importance of communicating well with other people. A simple misunderstanding due to using the wrong words can spark great conflict.

As much as communication skills are important for daily living, a lot of people are not taught how to speak properly. 

Sadly, that’s how most people are. They don’t know how to communicate with others.

How would you like to improve your speaking skills? And not just improve your skills, but do it in a BIBLICAL way!

Thankfully, now you can with my latest FREE booklet, “Edify.”

In this booklet, you will:

  • Know the compelling reasons you need to control your tongue
  • Understand the power of words
  • Improve your communication skills based on the Bible

So, if you really want to become better and not bitter in your words, then you need to download and read my booklet.

It’s only 11 pages and you can finish this booklet in less than 30 minutes.

What are you waiting for, {$firstname}, boost your communication skills with Edify!

I’m excited about how this booklet can help you become a better speaker. 😊

Until He comes,



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