Why keep God’s Law if it’s impossible to keep them?

A lot of Christians today believe that we shouldn’t keep the Law of God anymore since we can’t possibly keep them perfectly. They add that Jesus (properly known as Yahshua) kept the law perfectly so we don’t have to.

Is this line of reasoning correct? This is not just incorrect, but a satanic deception that has infected the world of Christianity today.

Imagine, a parent would tell you, “Oh, my children can’t keep my instructions or teachings perfectly. So, I don’t expect them to try keeping them at all.” That sounds illogical, right? No parent will tell you that and that includes our Heavenly Father!

Sin as Missing the Mark

To grasp the meaning of God’s Law and sin, let’s dive into the original words used in the Bible.

The term “sin” in Scripture originates from the Greek word “Hamartia” or the Hebrew word “Hata,” both meaning “to miss the mark” or “flawed.” Picture it like an archer aiming for a target. When the arrow veers off course and misses the bullseye, that’s “hamartia” in action.

Now, when we talk about “law” or “Torah,” it’s like aiming for that target, getting our instructions straight from God. We’re supposed to hit the mark, following His guidance. But do we always hit it perfectly? Not quite. But that’s the aim – to strive for it.

Just like in archery, we might not hit the bullseye every time, but the important thing is to keep aiming for it, not giving up altogether.

As the Bible says, “Sin is the transgression of the law” (1 John 3:4). Those who willingly miss the mark aren’t walking in God’s ways. They’re on a different path altogether.

Keep the Law of God

Over and over again, the Bible talks about the importance of keeping the law of God not because we are trying to earn our salvation, but as a way to show our love to God.

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