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September 2, 2022

Today’s reading: Job 41:11

God owns everything

We read in Job 41:11:

11 Who has preceded Me, that I should pay him?
Everything under heaven is Mine.

After describing a fierce and uncontrollable creature called the leviathan, Yahweh expressly explained that even the greatest and strongest creature is no match to his power.

God’s main point is that if Job can even tame the leviathan or the behemoth (as mentioned in the previous chapter), how can Job contend with God?

To establish God’s sovereignty, he said, “Everything under heaven is Mine.”

What a powerful statement from a powerful God!

Because God owns everything, he can’t be indebted to us. All is his. We are his — all that we have and all we are is God’s.

Since God owns everything, He has the right to do whatever He pleases. He doesn’t need to answer any of us.

However, because God loves us, He doesn’t treat us like mere properties. He treats us as his children.

Aside from that, because God owns everything, he can and will sustain us according to His richness and purpose.

Finally, because God owns everything, He can move things in and out of our lives to ultimately bring us to His Kingdom.

When we realize this biblical truth, life becomes more bearable. Life’s difficulties become more acceptable. Life’s trials become easier.

Because at the end of it all, God is in control. His ultimate goal is not for us to fail, but for us to be part of His Family.


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