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August 26, 2022

Today’s reading: Job 26:7

Advanced Knowledge

We read in Job 26:7:

7 He stretches out the north over empty space;
He hangs the earth on nothing.

Thousands of years ago, when there were no modern telescopes, Job made an astonishingly accurate description of outer space.

First, he mentioned that God stretches out the north over empty space. According to modern astronomy, there’s a huge star gap in the north of Earth’s axis. It has baffled Astronomers that in this direction, there are almost no stars.

What’s more surprising is that this fact can’t be discovered without the use of modern telescopes and the naked eye can’t detect such sight.

Aside from that, astronomers have discovered that the universe, in its vastness, is still expanding. Truly, God “stretches out” the universe.

Another interesting statement tells us about a scientific discovery that would only be proven true thousands of years after Job’s life.

Job claimed, “He hangs the earth on nothing.”

In the ancient world, the prevailing knowledge is that some creatures carry the earth on its back. You might have heard about this. For example, the Greeks believe that Atlas carries the earth and when Atlas moves, earthquakes happen. Other pagans believe that the earth lies on the back of a great turtle or perhaps, elephants.

How could have Job discovered all these scientific facts? How could he gain the understanding that his contemporaries would have known?

I believe there’s only one answer to that: God revealed it to him.

Instead of relying on the knowledge of the pagan nations, Job relied on the revelation of God to Him.

This should tell us that God’s word is indeed reliable, true, and faithful. 


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