Israel vs Iran War: What does the Bible say?

For the first time, Iran has launched missiles from its territory directly to Israel. This unprecedented act of aggression marks a new chapter between the huge rift between Israel and Iran.

So, we want to know, in the midst of this chaotic battle, what does the Bible say? Are there any prophetic Bible verses that we can read about Iran and how it will attack Israel? Does the Bible reveal to us who will win this battle?

Here’s a video that I have prepared just for you: Israel vs Iran in Bible Prophecy

In this video, you’ll learn:

  • The historical and biblical background of Iran
  • The identity of modern Iran in the Bible
  • The prophecies of how Iran will attack Israel
  • The prophecies about how Israel will receive considerable damage
  • The future of Iran in God’s time-table
  • And so much more!

So, if you want to understand the conflict we are seeing in the Middle East particularly in Israel and Iran, I highly recommend you watch my latest video, “Israel vs Iran in Bible Prophecy.” Obtain a biblical perspective as we watch world events!

Until He comes,

(P.S. The video also comes with a blog where you will read the transcript of the video. So, whether you like watching or reading, you should check this out.)

Israel vs Iran What does the Bible say
Israel vs Iran: What does the Bible say?

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