📅 The Ten Plagues – Daily Bible Reading

March 17, 2022

Today’s reading: Exodus 8-13

The Ten Plagues

It took ten plagues for Pharaoh to finally let Israel go. The number ten here is significant because it shows God’s full judgment to Pharaoh and his nation. Just like the Ten Commandments which show God’s moral law, the ten plagues show God’s judgment and justice for those who refuse to repent.

Yahweh used the ten plagues to show his sovereignty over all the false gods of Egypt. Every plague was a direct attack on the gods who supposedly should protect the Egyptians.

It’s quite interesting that the Israelites also suffered from the first three plagues. Perhaps, God also wanted them to experience firsthand his power and to confirm Moses’ credentials. 

Maybe, the Israelites also need some humbling because of how they initially treated Moses and their unbelief of the coming deliverance.

Whatever the reason was, God showed that there was a distinction between the Egyptians and Israelites when He sent the rest of the plagues. 

This shows us how God takes care of His people. Most importantly, this confirms how Yahweh, the Most High God is the only living and eternal One.

Our help comes from Him and NOT from any other false gods.

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