📅 Stubbornness – Daily Bible Reading

March 16, 2022

Today’s reading: Exodus 7:3-4


We read in Exodus 7:3-4:

3 And I will harden Pharaoh’s heart, and multiply My signs and My wonders in the land of Egypt. 4 But Pharaoh will not heed you, so that I may lay My hand on Egypt and bring My armies and My people, the children of Israel, out of the land of Egypt by great judgments.

We see here that Pharaoh is a stubborn man.

We read that God hardens his heart, but actually, that’s already the nature of Pharaoh.

We see how a stubborn man works.

At the height of trial, it seems Pharaoh will give up his stubbornness.

But when the plague is let up, he will immediately change his mind and become stubborn again.

How about us?

Are we stubborn?

Are there sins in our lives that we don’t abandon until we suffer its consequences?

However, when all seems to be okay again, do we go back to our sinful ways?

Stubbornness is a problem of many Christians today.

Even in the Hebrew writing (OT), we see that it is NOT only Pharaoh who is stubborn but also the nation of Israel.

Stubbornness does no good to anyone as we can see in the example of Pharaoh and Israel. 

All of us have a certain level of stubbornness.

Sometimes, God will allow “plagues” to soften us and make us realize that we need to change.

So, if you’re stubborn, expect that time will come when you will be plagued with a lot of problems and difficulties unless you change right now.

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