How did the Satanic Halloween Celebration Melded with Christianity

Every year, Christians put aside their commitment to avoiding evil in their lives just to keep Halloween. They put on Halloween costumes and dress up like Satan, zombies, vampires, ghosts, and other ghoulish characters.

If that’s not enough, they include their children to disguise as demons, ask everyone for candies, and vandalize other people’s property if they don’t give them any.

So, you may wonder, how did a satanic celebration even get into Christianity? That’s a good question of many people today.

That’s why, I would like to share with you this 5-minute video entitled, “The Dark History of Halloween and How it Entered Christianity.”

Learn how the Church shockingly accepted a dark pagan celebration and morph it into a Christian holiday.

Most importantly, discover how you, as a true Christian and follower of the Most High God, should avoid Halloween and its many deceptive practices.

Watch the video here.
Read the article here.

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