Is God a Family? If yes, How?

For so many people, God is difficult to understand. Some would even give up already and simply accept God as indiscernible and ethereal. However, the Bible tells us that eternal life comes in knowing God and His Son (John 17:3).

Is God a Family? blog image

With that in mind, one of the questions we want to answer in understanding God is, “How is God a family?” After all, the Bible also tells us that there is only one God. So, how does that work? If God is one, how can He be a Family?

These questions don’t have to be a mystery anymore. In my latest blog, “Is God a Family?“, I go through Bible verses to show you how God is a family and how He is building a family that includes you and me!

Sounds exciting, right? So, if you want to learn amazing truths, then I highly recommend you read, “Is God a Family?” I’m sure you’ll be glad you did!

Until He comes,

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