Help Us Keep the Feast of Tabernacles

Every year, we keep God’s mandated Feasts listed in Leviticus 23. These Feasts were also kept by Yahshua (Jesus Christ) Himself as well as the Apostles and the New Testament Church.

The Feasts of God reveal His plan of salvation and will even be observed by all of mankind when Christ will finally establish God’s Kingdom here on earth.

For reference, please check these verses: Exo.23:14-17; Lev. 23; Luke 2:41-42; 22:14-15; John 7:2,8,10,14; Acts 2:1; 18:21; 20:16; 1 Cor. 5:8; 15:22-26; 16:8; Col. 2:16-17; Jas. 1:18; Zec.14:16-19.

This year, in spite of the strict government restrictions due to the COVID19 pandemic, the Almighty has shown us favor by allowing us to still come together in unity and keep the Feast of Tabernacles in Eden Nature Park. The Most High even blessed us by getting a huge discount for as much as 50% for the food and lodging from the resort.

Christ, in Matthew 26:11, says, “The poor you will always have with you.”

Our greatest challenge every year is limited finances. Not all of us are financially capable of keeping God’s Feasts. As hard as we try to be faithful in our tithes and offerings, there are still some of us who don’t have enough funding to go to the Feast.

We are just a small independent Church of God group with no financial backing from any corporation. However, we know that our supplies may be limited, but God is not limited.

In line with this, I’m hoping to find some extra help from any of you who might have excess second tithe or extra money to sponsor some of the brethren.

We are asking for your help not for selfish gains, but for us to keep the Appointed Feasts of our Heavenly Father.

You can send me your donation via PayPal through my email,

Every amount you donate would go a long way.

Consider this:

An amount of $70 can already pay breakfast for our entire group. 

However, any amount would do.

The amount you give might be small, but with God’s grace, they would be magnified.

To get a little idea of who we are, here’s a video of our Feast of Tabernacles last year (If you’re unable to watch the video, click here instead):

We may not be able to pay you back for your kindness, but I’m confident that God will bless you in ways unimaginable. As what our Master and Savior said, “It is more blessed to give than to receive” (Acts 20:35).

The Apostle Paul added:

“And let us not grow weary while doing good, for in due season we shall reap if we do not lose heart. Therefore, as we have opportunity, let us do good to all, especially to those who are of the household of faith” (Colossians 6:9-10).

With this in mind, I hope you would give my request a very kind consideration. In case you’re ready to make a donation, please click here.

Thank you so much in advance.

Until He comes,


2 thoughts on “Help Us Keep the Feast of Tabernacles

    • I received your donation Mark! Thank you so much for your help. This will surely help our brethren to rejoice even more in the Feast. 🙂

      I’ll send you an email to share some moments from our brethren during the Feast. 🙂


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