What Does God Think About Halloween?

Can a celebration about fear and darkness be used to glorify God? Here is what the Bible say about Halloween.

halloween party

The Halloween Tragedy: Its History and How It Melds with Christianity

Every year, some of this world’s major religion is going to celebrate Halloween as part of their customs and beliefs. Isn’t it odd for religions, especially Christianity, to set aside their values, teachings, and doctrines about avoiding anything evil and to celebrate a pagan holiday closely related to demonism? Learn the truth the truth behind…

Warning: 10 POPULAR “Christian” Practices/Beliefs that are not Rooted in the Bible!

Do you know that most of the practices, traditions, and beliefs that Christians practice today are not found in the Bible? You might be shocked but this is true and the saddest part is that professing Christians continue to practice them without questioning the authority of their church. “You hypocrites! How right Isaiah was when…