Viral Photo, Taylor Swift, and Judas (and other things you might have missed this June 2019)

Can’t believe we’re already in the month of July. Time passed so fast that it seems it was just yesterday that we changed our calendar year.

So, before we go full-speed ahead with the July, let me just give you a quick recap of what we have in June.

Check out the articles that we published that you might have missed.

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Top 10 Best Christian Books Every Father Should Read

Are you looking for some of the best Christian books for fathers? If yes, then this is the right article for you. Discover how you can become a better dad with these top Christian books today!

The Astounding Truth Of Who the Most High God is!

Who is the Most High God? Why is it important for us to know? Most importantly, how can knowing who the Most High is will improve our relationship with our Heavenly Father? In this blog, let me answer all these questions. The answer may astound you!

What Does the Bible Say About Hearing the Voice of God?

A lot of people would like to hear the very voice of God. However, is this possible? What does the Bible say about hearing God’s voice? Most importantly, how should this affect our relationship with God? Discover the amazing answer right here in this article!

The Father You Have Sadly Forgotten

In this day of remembrance of the great fathers out there, there is one particular father that is often forgotten.

Warning: This Post Will Change the Way You See Taylor Swift

From a sweet country singer to a rocking pop artist, we have seen a dramatic transformation of Taylor Swift. However, it was her last song that prompted me to write this blog.

5 Crucial lessons from the life of Judas, the Traitor

Do you want to know the lessons from the life of Judas? If yes, you will not regret reading this. Discover the mistakes and sins of Judas, so you don’t repeat them in your life!

God is calling – will you answer?

When God is calling you, will you keep on ignoring it or will you answer it? In this post, learn what it means to be called by God and how to answer His call!

Warning: Graphic Image Illustrates the Truth About Crossing the Border

A photo recently surfaced in the mainstream media has gone viral. It’s a photo of the tragic death of a young father and his daughter who attempted to cross the US-Mexico border. The problem is, no one’s talking about the truth about illegal immigration.

There you have our June articles for the our Becoming Christians website.

Before you go, please take some time as well to read the blogs I wrote on my Books for Greatness website.

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7 Irrefutable Marks of a Highly Successful and Effective Team

Do you want to have a successful and effective team? If yes, then you are in the right place. Here are the 7 irrefutable and indispensable marks of an effective team!

The One Powerful Secret to Staying Extremely Focused

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Why SMART Goals Are Stupid (And What You Should Do Instead)

S.M.A.R.T. Goals are hailed to be the best way to set goals. However, recent studies show that SMART goals are not that really smart. Here’s how you can set the right goals instead!

10 Most Influential Books that Changed the World Forever

Are you looking for the books that have changed the history of mankind? If yes, you will love this post. In this blog, discover the 10 most influential books that affected the lives of billions of people!

There you have my dearest readers! Looking forward to seeing you this month of June. 🙂

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