Joshua Harris, Ruth, and How to be a Fool (and other June 2019 Blogs you might have missed)

July has been an interesting month for me. Here’s a short story of what happened to me this July and a list of the best blogs of July you shouldn’t miss.

Hey dear readers!

Can you believe it?

July is already over and now we enter August. 🙂

Time flies so fast, isn’t it?

On a personal note, a lot of interesting things happened in July.

First, there was a dog who dug a hole in front of our gate. We later realized that she is going to give birth. I counted her puppies and there six of them.

Here she is:

I took the picture behind our gate. I was cautious about the mother who might bite.

A few days later, it rained so hard. We were away at that time. When we came home, the dog and her puppies were drenched in the rain. So, we decided to transfer them inside of the vicinity of our house.

The dog lives within our subdivision. No one actually owns the dog. I was told that when our subdivision were being constructed, they were used by the workers as guard dogs.

Now that some houses are finished, they are left to guard the place from strangers.

We also watched the much anticipated remake movie, The Lion King.

It was a great movie. I really love how they re-imagined this childhood movie of mine.

Well, actually, I haven’t watched Lion King when I was a child. I only got to watch it only recently. You see, movies were not that popular when we were kids growing up in a remote, small town.

Here’s me, my wife, and Caleb after the movie.

Sorry, it’s a bit blurred 🙂

I was planning to write a blog about The Lion King, but life’s just too busy lately. The title of the blog would have been, “The good and bad of hakuna matata.”

It basically about it is good not to worry, but we must also not live our lives irresponsibly. We simply need to surrender the things that we can’t control anymore to God. We need not to worry about them.

However, we must also be sure that we do our part. God can choose not help those who don’t help themselves.

We are planning to move. So, it’s time to say goodbye again. We would have stayed longer but we have a neighbor who has a mental problem. He would scream almost all day.

He would say almost anything and we got into a fight with him several times. We asked our local authority, but they told us they can’t do anything about it unless the guy would physically hurt us.

We’ll I think that’s too bad. So, we just chose to move instead. We don’t want to stay in a place where we will just wait for a guy to hurt us anytime.

A lesson here is that when you choose a house to live in, don’t simply check the house, check the neighborhood.

I guess, that’s all for me. So, here are the blogs for June that you might have missed:

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There you have it!

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I guess, that’s all for me.

Until next time,


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