Top 20 Best Selling Christian Books for September 2021

Are you looking for an updated list of the best Christian books? If yes, then you came to the right place. In this post, let us take a look at the books for Christians with the highest sales for the month of September 2021.

In this post, we have gathered Christian books with the highest number of sales every month. Today, we have a list of books for Christians that have topped the chart for the month of September 2021.

Top 20 Best Selling Christian Books for September 2021 (Updated Monthly)

What are the best-selling Christian books for September 2021?

The best Christian books are books that are written in the Christianity niche. These books are specially designed for people to learn more about God’s way of life.

Christian books can cover a lot of topics. It may include:

There are also other topics within the Christian book niche. However, these are among the most popular.

Why choose Christian books?

There are a lot of benefits that you can derive from Christian books. Here are some of the reasons why you should read books for Christians:

  • Christian books offer a wealth of fresh insights and new perspective in the life of a follower of God
  • Christian books serve as a guide to understand how various verses mean
  • There are different issues and topics that Christian books cover. So, whatever issue or topic that you want to learn more about, you can seek the help of Christian books.

Just a word of warning: not all Christian books are doctrinally sound. Remember, these books are written by imperfect men. So, expect there are flaws in what you read.

The important thing is that you make Yahweh your ultimate Authority. Whatever things you read from Christian books that are in agreement with His Word, you can keep it. Disregard those that go directly against the Scripture.

How the Christian books here are chosen

In this post, I have listed Christian books by rank. There are 20 books in our list. They are listed according to the number of copies sold. So, in a way, you can call this a list of best selling books.

Since numbers can change, I aim to update this list every month. So, in this edition, we have best selling Christian books for September 2021.

If in case you need a more updated list of best selling Christian books, you can head to Amazon’s Best Selling Christian books page. On that page, you’ll find the list being updated every hour.

Editor’s note: This list is intended to be used for informational purposes only. Moreover, I have my own fundamental beliefs that may differ from that of the authors, creators, and sellers of the products featured here. Finally, I am an Amazon Affiliate Program participant. As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases with no additional cost to you. I would highly appreciate it if you buy books through my site. Thank you!

Top 20 Christian books for Christians comparison table

RankBook titleSubtitleAuthorPrint LengthPublication dateReviews
#20The Armor of GodBible Study BookPriscilla Shirer192 pagesAug 1, 20156,400+ Amazon reviews ⭐
#19Worry Less, Pray MoreA Woman’s Devotional Guide to Anxiety-Free LivingDonna Maltese192 pagesMar 1, 2019 6,400+ Amazon reviews ⭐
#18Don’t Give the Enemy a Seat at Your TableIt’s Time to Win the Battle of Your Mind…Louie Giglio224 pagesMay 11, 20211,000+ Amazon reviews ⭐
#17Prayer Journal for Women52 Week Scripture, Devotional & Guided Prayer JournalShannon Roberts, Paige Tate & Co.231 pagesMar 14, 201934,000+ Amazon reviews ⭐
#16The Jesus Storybook BibleEvery Story Whispers His NameSally Lloyd-Jones352 pagesMar 1, 20079,400+ Amazon reviews ⭐
#15The Total Money MakeoverA Proven Plan for Financial FitnessDave Ramsey272 pagesSep 17, 201322,100+ Amazon reviews ⭐
#14Last Days Survival GuideA Scriptural Handbook to Prepare You for These Perilous TimesRick Renner498Aug 18, 2020 870+ Amazon reviews ⭐
#13The Bible in 52 WeeksA Yearlong Bible Study for WomenDr. Kimberly D. Moore208 pagesFeb 11, 202013,000+ Amazon reviews ⭐
#12Get Out of Your HeadStopping the Spiral of Toxic ThoughtsJennie Allen256 pagesJan 28, 202017,000+ Amazon reviews ⭐
#11BoundariesWhen to Say Yes, How to Say No To Take Control of Your LifeDr. Henry Cloud, Dr. John Townsend352 pagesOct 3, 201717,000+ Amazon reviews ⭐
#10Winning the War in Your MindChange Your Thinking, Change Your LifeCraig Groeschel256 pagesFeb 16, 20214,600+ Amazon reviews ⭐
#9Gentle and Lowly Heart of Christ for Sinners and SufferersDane C. Ortlund224 pagesApr 7, 20205,500+ Amazon reviews ⭐
#8Forgiving What You Can’t ForgetDiscover How to Move On, Make Peace with Painful Memories, and Create a Life That’s Beautiful AgainLysa TerKeurst288 pagesNov 17, 202014,400+ Amazon reviews ⭐
#7Traveling LightReleasing the Burdens You Were Never Intended to BearMax Lucado204 pagesApr 1, 2013 1,200+ Amazon reviews ⭐
#6The Beginner’s BibleTimeless Children’s StoriesZondervan512 pagesOct 4, 201615,000+ Amazon reviews ⭐
#5Everybody FightsSo Why Not Get Better at It?Kim Holderness250 pagesMar 30, 20211,240+ Amazon reviews
#4 Elijah Faith and Fire Priscilla Shirer 224 pages Jan 4, 2021 2,500+ Amazon reviews ⭐
#3Holier Than ThouHow God’s Holiness Helps Us Trust HimJackie Hill Perry192 pagesAug 17, 202180+ Amazon reviews
#2Systematic TheologyAn Introduction to Biblical DoctrineWayne Grudem1617 pagesDec 8, 2020390+ Amazon reviews
#1The 5 Love LanguagesThe Secret to Love that LastsGary Chapman208 pagesJanuary 1, 201550,400+ Amazon reviews ⭐
Top 20 Christian books for children comparison table

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Update for the best selling Christian books for September 2021

We now come to a new month!

For this month, we still have The 5 Love Languages by Gary Chapman as our number 1 book for this month of September. We then have a new entries at number 2 and 3, namely Systematic Theology and Holier Than Thou.

In number 4 spot, we have the book Elijah, which is a huge jump from number 17. It even increased in customer reviews, which is now over 4,000. In number 5, Everybody Fights. It’s a book about marriages and how we can better “fight.” It’s a new entry in our list. In number 6, we have The Beginner’s Bible, which climbs up to our list from number 12.

In number 7, we have Traveling Light, a book about Psalm 23 and how we can unload our burdens to God. It’s a new entry as well. In number 8 and number 9, we have Forgiving What You Can’t Forget and Gentle and Lowly . Both books stayed on our list. Boundaries has stayed on number 11.

In number 12, 13, 14, and 15 we have Get Out of Your Head, The Bible in 52 Weeks , Last Days Survival Guide , and The Total Money Makeover. Number 14 is a new entry while the others barely moved in rank.

In number 16, its a new entry as well. The book The Jesus Storybook Bible is a great way to introduce Christ to children. Number 17, 18, 19, and 20 are all great books to check. Number 20 is a new entry that you should also check out.

20. The Armor of God

Did you know that there’s a war that rages around you? Yes, we hear of wars, but this type of war is something that we don’t usually see. Sometimes, this battle is even not obvious until we see its effect.

The battle rages in your mind, heart, and life. It is the spiritual battle we all struggle with whether we know it or not. That’s why in this book, The Armor of God, it gives you the idea on how you can win this fight through the help of the Almighty. When we ear God’s armor, we become more equipped and ready to fight our battles.

19. Worry Less, Pray More

Worry Less, Pray More is a book about getting rid of worries and living in the calmness of God’s peace. It offers help to those people who are filled with anxiety through its 180 readings and prayers.

This book gives you hope in the midst of a life filled with worries and cares. By focusing on God’s goodness, mercy, and love, you can live an anxiety-free life.

18. Don’t Give the Enemy a Seat at Your Table

No matter the good things that happen every day the sun rises, a negative mentality can easily ruin even the best moments and affect all aspects of your life. As Christians, we are at the center of the enemy’s target so we must equip our hearts and minds against Satan’s destructive thoughts. 

Don’t Give the Enemy a Seat at Your Table by Louie Giglio shares effective ways on how to leave no room for Satan and find peace despite difficult situations by allowing Jesus to fill our minds with hope, peace, and love.

17. Prayer Journal for Women

This 52-week guided prayer journal is a best-seller for women as it is complete with daily right-sized doses of the Scripture, a short yet powerful reading, an empowering prayer, and even a space to record your prayers throughout the year. Prayer Journal for Women touches on various themes from inner beauty to God’s love to grace and so on.

This journal will surely help women of faith in their spiritual journey to equip and guide them with the Lord’s teachings as they face life and all its surprises.

16. The Jesus Storybook Bible

Though this book has been published over a decade ago, it has still become one of the most beloved children’s book about the Bible. The Jesus Storybook Bible creates that important teaching moments with your child.

The story centers around the life of Jesus. It’s a great way to introduce the Master to our children. The stories are beautifully written and illustrated. With more than 40 stories, your child will become more familiar with the stories of Jesus and learn how to apply each lessons in their lives.

15. The Total Money Makeover

America’s favorite finance coach offers us another awesome bestseller book that will surely work out your financial fitness. The Total Money Makeover by Dave Ramsey teaches us effective techniques on how to be smart with money with extra “Dave Rants” touching on topics such as marital conflict, college debt, and more. 

This book includes a solid plan to pay off all your debts, a heads-up on the top 10 most dangerous money myths, and tips to have financial security for emergencies and retirement.

14. Last Days Survival Guide

There’s no doubt that we are living in the time the Bible referred to as “perilous times.” We are approaching the last days and as we near the second coming of our Savior, it is a must that we know how to survive physically, spiritually, and victoriously.

In this book, Last Days Survival Guide, discover the sobering warnings mentioned in the Bible, why God wants us to prepare, how we can prepare, and strategies on how to overcome the deadly wiles of Satan.

13. The Bible in 52 Weeks

If you’re looking for a terrific year long Bible study guide for your study group or yourself, The Bible in 52 Weeks is the right choice for women of faith. It combines a weekly theme laced with daily readings, interactive follow-up questions, and it challenges us by prompting ways on how we can apply it in life.

It touches on topics that will help women grow in their faith like keeping heart and mind through the toughest times and even forgiving yourself for your flaws.

12. Get Out of Your Head

Are you imprisoned by toxic thoughts and negative thinking and you just want to feel joy and love again? Bestselling author, Jennie Allen knows this all too well to tell us that we don’t have to suffer from pessimism anymore and that we can overcome this bleak mentality through God.

Jennie’s life testimony in Get Out of Your Head will only leave you heartened after every page as she teaches us how to take control of our minds and escape from the enemy’s trap by surrendering everything to the Lord.

11. Boundaries

It’s ironic how saying the simplest “no” can be the hardest thing to do. When you feel like you have to say yes to everyone’s request or when you’ve focused on other people’s wellbeing that you forget yourself, remember that it may only take one “no” to find yourself again.

Drs. Henry Cloud and John Townsend’s Boundaries teaches us to be mindful of our yes and no’s to take control of our lives and respect our limitations as a person through answering various questions about setting boundaries and giving effective, life-changing tips.

10. Winning the War in Your Mind

Sometimes, the greatest wars happen not within countries, families, or even friends but happen within ourselves. Negative mentality and destructive thinking is something a lot (if not, everyone) of us battle every day and it can even be a passageway for Satan’s attacks. 

Pastor Craig Groeschel in Winning the War in Your Mind was convicted by God to teach us Scripture-laced strategies in facing daily struggles with self-doubt, insecurities, and pessimism that will change your way of thinking and your entire life.

9. Gentle and Lowly

When we fail, again and again, we may feel like we are no longer worthy and that God is already too frustrated and disappointed with us. However, in Matthew 11, God says he is “…gentle and lowly in heart…” and will always open his arms to His people who need rest.

Gentle and Lowly by Dane C. Ortlund captures the message of Matthew 11 to the hilt and is the perfect book for those who need to be heartened and reminded that God is ever-so merciful and loving.

8. Forgiving What You Can’t Forget

Forgiveness is oftentimes easier said than done maybe because even though the damage can be fixed, it doesn’t mean that it never happened. With God’s wisdom, Lysa TerKeurst in Forgiving What You Can’t Forget shares life-changing ways on how to give the most difficult forgiveness and how to let go of pain from the past. 

Discover Biblical principles on forgiveness, the step-by-step process of moving on, and the two necessary parts of forgiveness that will help you exercise grace and mercy.

7. Traveling Light

When it comes to traveling, you probably heard the advice, travel light. It means that you should simply bring with you essential things during your travel so you don’t tire yourself.

Did you know the same advice can also be applied in our lives? In this book, Traveling Light will teach you how you can avoid the unnecessary baggage and burden in your life. It’s a great book to lighten up your burden and bring all your cares to God. The book primarily revolves around Psalm 23.

6. The Beginner’s Bible

When looking for a quintessential Christian storybook that would teach your young ones about God and the Bible, look no further because The Beginner’s Bible is the right book for the job.

This book carries over 90 clear and easily understandable stories paired with stunning and vibrant illustrations that will surely capture the attention of your little ones as they read the wonder-filled stories. 

Every child should have this book as it is a fun and enjoyable way to learn about God and grow a lasting love for Him through the different characters in the Bible from Noah to Jonah and so on.

5. Everybody Fights

Everybody Fights is an incredible book about marriage. The book opens up about how we are too busy in maintaining our cars, houses, gadgets, our looks, and health. However, we tend to forget something that also needs great maintenance — our marriage.

Kim, the author of this book, shows the readers how fights in marriages and relationships are inevitable. They will come. Thus, when they do, we must know how we can fight well in such a way that we are not destroying our relationship, but rather, we are saving it.

4. Elijah

The intensity of Elijah’s boldness and faith displayed in the iconic, surreal event on Mount Carmel is something we, earnest Christians, also want to reach. However, we often forget or are even unwilling to go through the years of growth and even challenges to shape him for greatness. 

Priscilla Shirer’s Elijah is a 7-session journey through the life of this unforgettable man to teach us about how God is working on something big for our life and it takes great passion, perseverance, and our loyalty to follow His will in our life.

3. Holier Than Thou

Holier Than Thou explains how God’s holiness should be the strongest reason why we can completely trust Him. In this book, you will understand how God is holy, why He is holy, and how that holiness ensures that He has our best interest in mind. You will learn through this book how God’s nature is different from us and why we can always trust Him will all our hearts, might, and soul.

2. Systematic Theology

Systematic Theology has been among the most widely used resources in explaining basic and difficult Christian doctrines. This book has been in use for more than 25 years and now, in its new edition, each chapter has been revised and expanded.

The best thing about this book is it comes with not just the explanation of Christian doctrine through the Scripture, but it also shows you its practical application. It stands out in clarity in explanation and reliability in application.

1. The 5 Love Languages

Falling is easy, persistence is elusive. When love gets deeper and longer, demands and conflicts happen more often and even boredom can start to arise.

In The 5 Love Languages, Gary Chapman talks about the intricacies of relationships and shares a tried-and-tested approach to giving and receiving love that will reignite your relationship and help you reach richer levels of intimacy with your special someone. This book also includes a Couple’s Profile assessment so you can learn the love language on both ends.

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