10 Best Christian Books That Will Help You Overcome Pride

Do you want to overcome pride and develop humility? If yes, then you should read this blog. Check out our list of the top 10 Christian books on humility and overcoming pride.

Pride is among the deadliest enemies of Christians and non-Christians alike. However, Christians have a sacred mandate to overcome pride and make it their lifetime commitment to stay humble.

However, as you may already realize, pride isn’t that easy to overcome. In fact, it dwells in each and every one of us. As long as we are humans, pride is here to stay – waiting for that perfect moment to show its ugly head again.

To help you overcome pride, I have gathered some of the best Christian books that you should read if you want to develop the virtue of humility.

Read on to learn more!

(Please note that while I recommend these books, I don’t agree with every single statement written on them. I have my own core beliefs and it is up to you to filter out what’s good and bad from these books. However, overall, they are still a great read and would surely help you overcome pride.)

10 Best Christian Books That Will Help You Overcome Pride

Book no. 1: How to Overcome Pride

How to Overcome Pride is a book that helps you to accomplish exactly what its title says. In this book, the author shows you how to learn humility from the Master and Savior Himself, Jesus Christ (Yahshua the Messiah).

The author also enumerates some stories of people in the Bible who were destroyed because of pride. On the flip side, she includes people in the Bible who were redeemed as they overcome their pride.

By looking at these stories, we get more idea on how to develop humility and be more like Christ.

Book no. 2: Breaking Pride

  • Author: Heather Bixler
  • Subtitle: Tearing Down Walls, Walking in His Grace
  • Amazon rating: 4.3 out of 5 stars

Breaking Pride is among the best books in overcoming pride. The main premise of this book is to show you that Christians should stop walking in pride and start walking in grace.

Heather, the author of this book, shows you what pride is and how to identify it in your life so you can effectively overcome pride.

So many of us have longed to start a closer and more intimate relationship with God. However, not many of us know that it is pride that is preventing us from having this type of relationship.

Filled with practical pieces of advice and encouragement, Breaking Pride will help you become more humble and less boastful.

Book no. 3: Pride Versus Humility

Not known to many, but one of the most important laws that govern success in this life is to stay humble. In this book, Pride Versus Humility explores the deep meaning of what Matthew 23:12 means:

“Whoever exalts himself will be humbled, and whoever humbles himself will be exalted.”

The best thing about Derek Prince, the author of the book, is that he doesn’t simply offer insightful principles, but also practical suggestions on how to apply the lessons from his book.

Derek also shows you how to be humble in whatever state or position you may be. The book is highly effective in showing you the destructive effects of pride and uplifting effects of humility.

Book no. 4: Humility

Author: Andrew Murray

Subtitle: The Journey Toward Holiness

Amazon rating: 4.8 out of 5 stars

The book is a persuasive call to all Christians to empty themselves, let go of their pride and start living a life of humility. In this book, Andrew shows us how we can model our humility to Jesus Christ. It helps us to study the character of Jesus and emulate His life.

With high ratings and read by thousands of people, Humility by Andrew Murray is often considered to be one of the best books written on humility.

Book no. 5: Humility

  • Author: C.J. Mahaney
  • Subtitle: True Greatness
  • Amazon rating: 4.7 out of 5 stars

There’s a great battle that rages within each and everyone of us. It is the battle between the need to feel self-sufficient and the realization that we are nothing without God.

In short, it’s a battle between pride and humility.

In this book, C.J. Mahaney convinces readers to consciously and ferociously fight pride and weaken it while cultivating the value of humility.

By doing so, you will enjoy more of God’s goodness, love, and grace. With pride defeated, you will see your true value in God’s sight.

Book no. 6: The Blessing of Humility

How do you make humility a normal part of your life? Let Jerry Bridges answer that question through his book, The Blessing of Humility.

In this book, Jerry goes through the beatitudes and show you how each of points brought by Jesus (Yahshua) come with a certain level of humility. The beatitudes are actually filled with elements of humility and there’s no any hint of pride.

Read Jerry’s book and discover how the beatitudes teach us about true humility and its numerous blessings.

Book no. 7: The prideful soul’s guide to humility

The prideful soul's guide to humility

This book has been written by Thomas and Michael who have been friends for more than 30 years now.

In this book, you will learn how humility has often been overlooked not just outside of the church, but also in the inside. Because of pride lurking in every heart of each individual, we see a lot of fallen leaders, disunited churches, and even boastful members.

This book is highly recommended for everyone to read. It offers a lot of insights on how we should go back to humility and serve one another.

Book no. 8: Humility

Humility: The Secret Ingredient of Success
  • Author: Pat Williams
  • Subtitle: The Secret Ingredient of Success
  • Amazon rating: 4.9 out of 5 stars

Is having a supersized ego the key to success?

Obviously, the answer is a big NO.

However, we live in a narcissistic age where people of power and popularity are too impressed of themselves. If that’s not enough, the same people also convince us to be impressed with them as well.

As a result, we now have a culture where pride thrives and the “me first” attitude is prevalent.

In this book, Pat Williams shows you that the true key to success isn’t pride, but humility. All throughout the history, you will see that it is the humble people who have made lasting and positive impact on the world and not the proud and arrogant.

You don’t believe this? Are you skeptical? If yes, you need to read Humility: The Secret Ingredient of Success.

Humility will not only help you be successful in life, but will bring you closer to God.

Book no. 9: Chasing Humility

Chasing Humility: 8 Ways to Shape a Christian Heart
  • Author: Joel Stepanek
  • Subtitle: 8 Ways to Shape a Christian Heart
  • Amazon rating: 4.7 out of 5 stars

For Joel Stepanek, he initially thought that being humble means that you should shun away success, avoid praises, and embrace a poor life.

However, all that changed when he came to a realization what true humility really means.

Joel began to study the subject of humility. In his quest for deeper understanding, he was able to narrow down his thoughts into the eight elements of humility in the life of a Christian – all of which he discusses effectively in his book.

If you need to know the eight essential aspects of humility, read Joel’s book, Chasing Humility.

Book no. 10: The Power of Humility

The Power of Humility
  • Author: R.T. Kendall
  • Subtitle: Living Life Jesus
  • Amazon rating: 4.6 out of 5 stars

For R.T. Kendall, the real reason we feel rejected, always right, and angry is because of pride. Can you imagine life if we all live humbly?

In this book, The Power of Humility, the author challenges you to look deep into your heart and see what motivates you – is it pride or humility?

Using personal stories and biblical examples, Kendall explores how we can overcome pride and develop a deeper, lasting relationship with our heavenly Father and His Son, Yahshua (Jesus Christ).

Final words

These are the best Christian books on humility and pride.

No doubt: overcoming pride in our life isn’t an easy task. It takes a lot of effort and divine help from above.

If you want to get an extra boost of motivation and inspiration, feel free to read the books reviewed on this blog.

Do you have other humility books that you want to share? Feel free to drop down your suggestion on the comments section below.

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