What we learn from the bloodiest war in history

We are Christian soldiers in a battle.

On June 6, 1944, the Allied Forces launched the largest amphibious attacks in World History. 

It was the turning point that will decide who will win World War II. 

At exactly 6:30 am, Tuesday, more than 160,000 combined troops of the Allied Forces engaged in the battle in Normandy Beach.

A lot of people died on that day. 

At the end of World War II, it is estimated that there were more than 70 million people who have lost their lives because of the war.

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You might be thinking, why would God allow such a great loss of lives?

You might be wondering, why would a good God allow bad things to happen?

Honestly, the answer is never simple. 

Because of our limited knowledge, wisdom, and understanding, we can’t fully comprehend the bigger picture.

However, we need to realize that the biggest problems and suffering in this world are not caused by God. 

Because of poor and wrong decisions, a lot of people have lost their lives.

We know from history that it was greed, corruption, and power that led some world leaders and dictators to become tyrants.

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If God would stop us from committing mistakes, if He will stop us every time we are about to commit a sin, He is taking away an important gift He has given us — FREE WILL.

We will become nothing by robots if God will force His way of life on us and control every decision we make.

But here’s the good news:

One day, God will send back His Son here on Earth, not as a baby in a manger, but a conquering King who will establish God’s Kingdom.

In the midst of all suffering, chaos, and mess, we can have the blessed hope that Yahweh, the Most High God, will ultimately step in and rescue humanity from self-destruction.

In the meantime, stay faithful. Trust God. Believe in Him.

His timing is perfect and He has our best interest in mind.

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