5 Greatest Reasons Why God DOESN’T Intervene to Prevent Suffering

Many people ask the question, “Why does God allow suffering?” However, how many of us really have asked, “Why if God won’t allow suffering?” Here are 5 reasons for you to know!

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With so much pain and suffering in this world, people are asking questions that seem to have no answers in sight. People ask, “Why does a loving God allow suffering?” This is a common question, but most people just don’t find the right answer. Even the Pope was asked this question and did not know how to respond!

I have written an article about why God allows suffering. However, in this post, I want to focus on the question, “What if God DOESN’T allow suffering?” Answering this question will give us a fresh perspective about the suffering of this world.

5 Greatest Reasons Why God DOESN’T Intervene to Prevent Suffering

Why if God would stop all suffering?

Reason no. 1: If God won’t allow suffering, we will lose our FREE WILL

One of the greatest gifts of God is free will. It is the ability for us humans to make our own choices. Through free will, we have the freedom to do what we want and whatever pleases us. The gift of free will was given to the first human parents, Adam and Eve.

Looking back at our history, the way we handle free will shows how INCOMPETENT we are in using it. Our practice of free will has resulted in many suffering in this world. Much of the pain we experience right now is the direct cumulative and compound effects of previous bad choices we make as individuals, nation, and race.

We are free to make our own choices. But we are not free to choose the consequences.

We might be free to make our own choices but we are not free to choose the consequences.

Reason no. 2: If God won’t allow suffering, we will all be like robots

Imagine this, if God won’t allow suffering, then He will intervene every time we are about to commit a mistake. If this is done over and over again, the result will make us mere robots who are controlled by God or brute animals who are controlled by just instincts.

God has the power to prevent us from destroying ourselves, but in the process, He is DEFEATING His eternal purpose – the purpose to add children in His family with righteous and godly character.

God does not want robots in His Kingdom. He wants children who genuinely follow His commandments.

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Reason no. 3: If God won’t allow suffering, we will not be able to obey Him from the heart

God does not want mere robots to be called His sons and daughters. If God would control all our actions, we won’t be able to develop an obedient heart – a heart willing to yield to God’s purpose and perfect will.

Reason no. 4: If God won’t allow suffering, we will not be able to develop righteous character

God is more concern about developing our character. A comfortable life may be pleasing, but it does not produce a stronger faith. For it is written:

In this you greatly rejoice, though now for a little while, if need be, you have been GRIEVED BY VARIOUS TRIALS, that the genuineness of your faith, being much more precious than gold that perishes, though it is tested by fire, may be found to praise, honor, and glory at the revelation of Jesus Christ” (I Peter 1:6-7).

5 Greatest Reasons Why God DOESN’T Intervene to Prevent Suffering

God puts more importance on our character development than our comfort.

Reasons no. 5: If God won’t allow suffering, we will not learn through experience

Throughout history, we can see how human beings have tried to live this life without God. History teaches us that when an individual or a nation departs from the teachings of God, they will soon suffer the consequences of their actions.

God, through our experience, wants us to learn the difference between good and evil. He wants us to learn that the only way to live this life is to follow His commandments.

In His INFINITE wisdom, He knows what works and what works not. Through the Bible, he revealed to us how to live this life.

Final words

What if God won’t allow suffering? This post gives you the answer. This world is the direct result of unwise and reckless usage of the gift of free will.

Suffering is bound to happen because of the bad choices we make.

However, trials and sufferings will make us spiritually STRONGER and more prepared when the time comes when we will reign with Christ as kings and priests (Revelation 5:10).

We may not be able to explain all sufferings in this world, but we have the CONFIDENCE that all things work together for those who love God (Romans 8:28).

Focus your mind to the coming kingdom of God because one day, God will “wipe away every tear from [our] eyes; THERE SHALL BE NO MORE DEATH, NOR SORROW, NOR CRYING. There shall be no more pain, for the former things have passed away” (Revelation 21:4).


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22 thoughts on “5 Greatest Reasons Why God DOESN’T Intervene to Prevent Suffering

      • I dont see how a young Christian girl buried alive accidentally in the 1800s meets any of the criteria you point out in your article – Anna Hochswaldt passed out one day only to be declared dead by a doctor and subsequently buried. She was later exhumed and it was confirmed she had been buried alive and had suffered terribly as a result. She was inflicted by the actions of another, did not choose a course of events that led to such grisly consequences, nor was there anything of value to be learned or gained by the experience from her perspective. Why would God allow that poor young girl to suffer such a cruel fate and not work a miracle out of mercy as she undoubtedly kicked and screamed from within her casket underground. I have to say Im a Christian myself but am shaken to the core by the absence of an answer to this question. Why did God not intervene? To not intervene seems unbelievably unjust and callous, even to the point of wickedness. Why did God turn a blind eye to that poor girl ?


      • Hi Ray,

        Thanks for your honest question. You’re not alone struggling with these questions.

        In truth, there are people who suffer even more than the girl you mentioned.

        So, why did God didn’t intervene? Personally, I don’t exactly know.

        However, this one thing is true. God’s ultimate plan is to save mankind ever since Adam and Eve rebelled and sinned. Because we live in a fallen world, accidents happen. Sicknesses happen. Bad things happen.

        But this is not the original intent when this world was created.

        Thankfully, God is not done yet for the girl in your story. Yahweh, the Most High God, plans to give everyone a chance to accept His rule — a rule where there will be no accidents, illnesses, and sin.

        Until then, we can look forward to that time when we finally meet God and ask Him our life’s greatest question.



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  3. When people say, “Why isn’t God doing anything to stop my suffering”, I suppose they’re looking for 2 things: God’s INTERVENTION and INTIMACY. They want God to know their pain and do something about it. God didn’t intervene to STOP pain and suffering as most people would expect (i.e. God suddenly stopped a car before it crashed into a man walking across the road, or some miraculous event), but God certainly did intervene to provide a solution to our pain and suffering. 1 John 1:14 says, “The Word became flesh and made his dwelling among us. We have seen his glory, the glory of the one and only Son, who came from the Father, full of grace and truth.” Jesus was the intervention. The Almighty became flesh; the Limitless One stepped into time, to die for our sins. He understood the pain and agony when he was mocked and rejected by those around Him, and finally on the Cross, He took upon Himself all the pain and sins of the world. He can relate to us personally; He is seated at the right hand of the Father and God knows all our problems.
    Let us go, therefore, and make this fact known to all those who are suffering, that God cares deeply for them, and has already intervened!


  4. When Arthur Ashe was asked:
    ” Why did God have to select you for such a bad disease?”

    To this Arthur Ashe replied :
    ⁃ 50 Million children started playing Tennis,
    ⁃ 5 Million learnt to play Tennis,
    ⁃ 500 000 learnt Professional Tennis,
    ⁃ 50 Thousand came to Circuit,
    ⁃ 5 Thousand reached Grand Slam,
    ⁃ 50 reached Wimbledon,
    ⁃ 4 reached the Semifinals,
    ⁃ 2 reached the Finals and

    When I was holding the cup in my hand, I never asked God:
    “Why Me?”

    So now that I’m in pain how can I ask God:
    “Why Me?”

    Happiness … keeps you Sweet!
    Trials … keep you Strong!
    Sorrows … keeps you Human!
    Failure … keeps you Humble!
    Success … keeps you Glowing!
    But only, Faith … keeps you Going!


    • God allows bad things to happen and it is something that He doesn’t want. However, these are choices made by human beings and He can’t control us. If He does, we will become mere robots. We live in a fallen world, but time will come when God will finally step in and intervene and usher in His Kingdom here on earth.


  5. God is suffering in people. How can God leave you, when his mind is in your mind? Whatever you do, or don’t do, you are doing it, or not doing it, unto me.


  6. I find it difficult to reconcile your article with all cruel things happening to everyone, especially children. For me, you sound desperate trying to protect a god who really shook off his hands and walked away from his creation. I really didn’t care much for the “5 greatest reasons”, but I challenge you to apply them to a personal situation when your loved one is drowning, or imminently in a life threatening situation. God is nothing but a callous bystander. I used to be a youth leader in my church, but now I think I have lived a huge lie. Please stop defending an idea at the cost of human suffering.


    • Hi Anwar,

      I’m sorry to hear about where you stand right now. I know with all the sufferings in this world can make us question God.

      I’m not here to force you into believing God. However, I also can’t let you stop me defending my faith.

      God works with each of us individually. Everyone has their time. I pray that that time would also come to you soon if not in this life, in the life to come.



  7. I am fine with God not intervening as I dont believe God does. What I dont understand is why people pray to God asking that God will. Also why some believe God does intervene for some but not others (mericles).


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