What can we learn from the New Covenant?

A lot of Christians believe that we are now under the New Covenant. However, only a few know what the New Covenant really is.

There are a lot of misconception and misunderstanding of the real meaning of the New Covenant.

For this reason, I have written a blog entitled, “What is the New Covenant in the Bible?

In this post, let me explain to you the following:

  • Removal of the sacrificial law in the New Covenant
  • New Covenant change in the priesthood
  • New Covenant change in temple worship
  • The gift of the Holy Spirit under the New Covenant
  • A change of heart in the New Covenant
  • New Covenant better promises
  • Salvation offered to non-Israelites
  • The New Covenant Improving the Old Covenant
  • And others!

As you can see, there are a lot of things we can learn from the New Covenant. The best thing about this is that understanding the New Covenant unlocks a deeper appreciation of God’s love, grace, and mercy toward us.

Thus, I highly recommend you read my blog, “What is the NEW Covenant in the Bible?

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