321 Insights: Biblical Lies You Probably Heard From Your Pastor

Hello, dear readers!

It’s time for another 321 Insights newsletter. I apologize for not being able to send it for the last couple of weeks. We just came from the Feast of Tabernacles and it takes a few days to get back to the old schedule.

Nevertheless, let me share with you 3 blogs, 2 lessons, and 1 Biblical questions.

Let’s roll!

3 Blogs

  1. 10 Biggest Lies Your Pastor Probably Had Told You
  2. Is it okay for Christians to watch horror movies?
  3. Are you worshipping the god of this world?

2 Lessons

  1. The best investment of your time is doing the work of God. It is never time wasted. Your investment won’t only benefit you in this physical life, but also in the life to come.
  2. You can’t ask God for a painless life, but you can certainly ask God for additional strength to live a victorious life.

 1 Bible question:

Do you know the difference between holiness and sin? 

When we seek holiness, we forsake what is evil and cleave to what is good. When we sin, we forsake what is good and cleave to evil.

So, which one would you choose?

Final words:

That’s it for me!

I hope you enjoyed our 321 Insights this week. If you have any questions or comments, please don’t hesitate to send me a message.

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In case you missed our latest video, you can watch it here, too: “The Dark History of Halloween and How it Entered Christianity.”

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