How to Preach the Gospel

Thousands of years ago, before Yahshua or Jesus Christ ascended to heaven, He gave us the most important work on face of the planet.

He said:

“Go into all the world and PREACH THE GOSPEL to every creature” (Mark 16:15).

Are you taking this instruction seriously?

Do you let the day pass by without doing the work of Yahweh?

What is your top priority in life? Are you so occupied with the things of the world that you don’t have time for the work of Almighty?

You see, preaching the Gospel is a central part of our Christian life.

It is never optional to preach the Gospel. Every Christian has the divine duty to share the Word of God. We are not called to be Christians to simply warm our seats and become a social club.

We are called to do a work and that work is to preach the Gospel.

This is the reason that I would like you to read my blog, “How to preach the Gospel.” 

In this post, you will learn:

  • What is the Gospel?
  • Why preach the Gospel?
  • How to preach the Gospel?

I hope you don’t let this opportunity go to waste. Give time to read to this article and gain fresh insights into knowing more about your calling, your purpose, and the important work that each of us is called to do!

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