Using Facebook to Preach the Gospel

Greetings Brethren,

I have made a post like this before, but I thought it will be a timely reminder for all of us.

We have been commissioned by Jesus Christ to preach the Gospel and spread His word throughout the world (Matthew 28:19; Mark 16:15). The question now is how much of our being is consumed with this mission?

I know I fall short in this aspect of my Christian walk. I am sure that all of us have this big room of improvement in our lives.

Let us not commit the mistake that preaching the Gospel is only the work of the home office, the work of the pastors, ministers, and leaders of the Church. Each member has an individual responsibility to be a light of the world and lead people to God.

Preaching the Gospel is the most wonderful and important work in the face of the planet. It is a tremendous job that has been put on our shoulders. But we are not supposed to flinch and be paralyzed thinking that it is impossible. Through God’s help, everything is possible as long as it is according to His will.

Every one of us can do something. We are not called in the Church to be passive and spectators. We should not just warm our seat every Sabbath and wait for other people to do the job. Preaching the Gospel is everyone’s job. No matter who you are and no matter what station you are holding.

So I am beseeching every one to please habitually visit our website,, and read every post made in that website. After that, LIKE these posts so that it will appear on your wall and your friends will be able to see them. REMEMBER, LIKE these posts after reading them. This way, we are preaching the Gospel and sowing the seed. Afterwards, let us pray to God that He will bless our effort and that He will give the increase to our labor.

Moreover, please make the as your browser’s homepage. This will increase the popularity of the website and will somehow increase its page rank. Search engines take this into consideration when they rank websites and determine the relevance of a page. Therefore, if the website will have high page rank, there is higher chance for it to end up in the first page of the Search Engine Return Page (SERP). This way, the online visibility of our website will be clearer which will enable it to reach more people throughout the world.

This is just one of the ways on how to preach the Gospel. There are other ways I am sure and we must be proactive in identifying these methods.

We must remember the boy who gave his food to the disciples. Though the food is only able to feed only a few people, Jesus was able to take the boy’s offer and used that to feed thousands of people! Even our smallest effort, when taken collectively, will surely make a dent in preaching the Gospel.

No matter how small or great your effort is, God will bless it according to His purpose. So let us not be weary and let us continue to go about our Father’s business. This is not all about us, but it is about God and His work.

May we all find the motivation, zeal, and commitment for God’s work!

In Christian Love,


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10 thoughts on “Using Facebook to Preach the Gospel

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  9. Hey, I am interested with the way you helped me how to preach the gospel . I normally started preaching when I was ten years old,
    It continues in me till today but the challenge I can is that many people are no more interested to hear or read the gospel .
    I am very impatient to find the way many people can be preached about repentence more specifically when many preachers are busy telling people about miracles and doctrines of churches instead of telling them the way to connect with God through repentence


    • Hi Alphonse,.

      I understand how you feel. I also feel the same thing sometimes especially when people don’t seem to care anymore.

      However, our job here is to simply sow the seed. It is not in our power how people would react. Yahweh said that His words will not be in vain. I believe He will give the increase according to His will and purpose.

      As long as we are doing our part, we must not grow weary. The important thing is that we still do our job whether people will listen or not.


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