321 Insights: What does it mean to be still and know God?

Hello everyone!

I’m excited to share with you our week’s 321 Insights where I share 3 blogs, 2 lessons, and 1 Bible question.

In this blog, let us learn about what it means to be still, staying faithful in God, establishing a relationship with Him, and overcoming self-righteousness in our life.

3 Blogs

  1. What a woman thousands of years ago can teach us about faith
  2. What does the Bible really teach about judging one another?
  3. What does it mean to be still and know God?

2 Lessons

First Lesson:

It is comforting and humbling at the same time to know that the God of this vast universe — the supreme Ruler, Majestic Creator, and Omnipotent God — is the same Being that we can intimately call our Father

Don’t forget that you are a child of God and as long as you are following His commandment, doing His will in your life, and fulfilling His purpose, He will never leave you nor forsake you.

Second Lesson:

When everything has been said and done, you will discover that seeking God’s righteousness and Kingdom is the only thing that matters.

All the material wealth, possessions, social status, and fame will all come to nothing as you lay down to your grave. When you finally meet God in His throne, He will not ask you about how much you earned or what you have accumulated.

He will be interested in your character. He will judge you according to your works and not according to your wealth.

So, keep your priorities right. Know what matters most in this life.

1 Bible Question:

What is one of the sins that are so difficult to detect that you would need God or other people to point it out to you?

Answer: Self-righteousness

Yes, it is self-righteousness.

It is so deceitful that it is so difficult to see in yourself. You can easily see it on others, but you can be blinded by it in your life.

The problem with self-righteousness, if not addressed, will make you rely on yourself rather than on God.

It will puff you up and make you proud.

It will even make you feel entitled of God’s grace and mercy when in reality, you are not.

That’s why it is very important to know what self-righteousness is. For this reason, I highly recommend that you read “10 DEADLIEST Signs of Self-Righteousness You Probably Don’t Know.”

Final words

Thanks for reading our 321 Insights for this week. 🙂

I hope you learned a lot from this newsletter.

By the way, I have launched a section on my website dedicated to my Filipino audience. If you’re interested, please go here. You will find a list of Filipino content I have posted on my website.

Finally, let us all pray together for Christ’s second coming. It is the only hope that we have as humanity is coming nearer and nearer to total self-destruction.

That’s it! See you again next Thursday for another 321 Insights.


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