321 Insights: Why does God Allow Suffering?

Hello dear readers!

I’m blessed to be able to share with you our 321 Insights this week. In this newsletter, learn why God allows suffering, how to be successful, and what the unpardonable sin really is.

3 Blogs

  1. Do you know why God allows suffering? Here are three reasons.
  2. Here are the best ways to be successful in your job according to the wisest king.
  3. What is the unpardonable sin?

2 Lessons

First lesson:

Don’t ever think that you can overcome sin and live a godly life without the help of our Heavenly Father. A lot of people tried, but all of them failed. The flesh is weak and it is only by living through the Spirit that we will truly become more like God and less like ourselves.

(Read more about the incredible functions of the Holy Spirit here.)

Second lesson:

Before you seek a relationship with other people, seek a relationship with your Creator first. 

Remember, if you can’t commit a relationship with God, then how can you commit a relationship with others? It is only by putting the Almighty first in your life that you will have a lasting, fulfilling, and blessed relationship with the people around you.

1 Question

Here’ a question for you today:

Who do you please, God or men?

Are you a man-pleaser? Someone who will please other people at all costs even to the point that it becomes a sin? 

While it is true that we must be pleasing to others and be of good terms, there is a thin line pleasing God and pleasing others. Which should come first; pleasing man or God?

I hope you make the right choice even if that means pleasing God and displeasing others. It is always better to be pleasing to our Heavenly Father rather than being pleasing to other people but not pleasing to Him.

Final words

That’s it for me! Thanks for becoming part of our 321 Insights this week.

I have no announcement for this week, but I do hope you all are doing well. This world is going crazy with the pandemic and looming economic collapse. 

The world is putting their faith in vaccines, but we as Christians, we must put our faith in God. (Read more about what the bible says about vaccines here.)

We also might not know what the future holds, but let us keep doing our part. God is faithful who will not leave us nor forsake us.

See you again next week!

May the Most High God keep you.


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