Heartbreaking News: Dwayne Wade Supports His Son to be a Woman

Loving your children does not mean approving everything they want. It means leading them to the way they should go.

A lot of us know the NBA legend, Dwayne Wade and how athletic and entertaining he is on the court. 

As a former NBA star, a lot of people are looking up to Dwayne Wade.

He is being admired by many from various parts of the world.

That includes me.

 dwayne wade looking standing heat 3

However, I’m disappointed with what I have recently read in the news.

Dwayne Wade fully supported his son claiming to be a woman.

The news item refers to the interview of Wade with Ellen DeGeneres.

Here’s the video clip:

On that video, you would see how Ellen, who is lesbian herself, is all praises and commendation to Wade for supporting his child, Zion.

The audience clapped and you could see an undeniable air of approval in the studio.

What a sad, sad reality in our society we are facing right now.

Truly, there’s no denying, the Prophet Isaiah’s words should be in remembrance:

Woe to those who call evil good, and good evil;

Who put darkness for light, and light for darkness;

Who put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter (Isaiah 5:20)!

We live in a world where people are calling evil good and good evil.

Sad but true.

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In the interview, as you can see in the video, Zion told his family that he is “ready to live his truth.”

NO, that’s not the truth!

You are born male and should be happy with what God has given you.

Actually, Zion will be living a lie, not truth.

And the blood of his son would be upon Dwayne for approving such a decision.

Homosexuality is no doubt a sin, but not the worst of all sins.

Nevertheless, it is still a sin to be repented of and not to be approved.

As parents, we have the responsibility to mold and guide our children to the way they should go.

Homosexual feelings can be and should be overcome.

The urge to have a romantic attraction to the same sex should not be tolerated, but need to be corrected.

A recent study has shown that having a “Gay Gene” is not true – a MAJOR BLOW to the LGBTQ+’s argument that they are “born this way” and that they can’t do anything about it.

So, don’t believe anyone saying that they have no power over what they feel.

As a parent, it is up to you to teach your child moral values based on the Word of God.

Approving something that is contrary to what the Bible teaches would eventually lead to his destruction.

As a parent, would you like that to happen?

Loving your children does not mean approving everything they want in life!

That’s stupid.

Loving your children means that you correct them when they commit a mistake.

Even the God of heavens disciplines His children when they do something wrong.

The Almighty does not correct us because He hates us, but because He loves us.

And we need to be like our Heavenly Father who prevents us from continuing in the path leading to destruction.

To think, Zion is only 12 years old!

Why would you let a 12-year old child determine his destiny when you know he doesn’t even know what it really means to live this life?

I hope Dwayne Wade would see the truth.

I hope he comes to his senses.

I hope that he sees how his approval could lead to his child’s destruction and not safety.

I hope because it is not too late yet.

And for us who know the truth, let us stand by the truth.

The society around us may call lies as truths.

We must not give in to their demands and pressures.

Because ultimately, whether you are a parent or not, whether you are Dwayne Wade or someone else, you are answerable to Yahweh, the living God who judges all.

2 thoughts on “Heartbreaking News: Dwayne Wade Supports His Son to be a Woman

  1. As a Christian, I know, I have read what scripture says on this subject. As a parent, we should love our children. I have told my own child, “I love you but I don’t love this choice you have made.” To me it is a choice. It is not modern to be gay or whatever acronym is chosen. It happened in Old Testament times. It was wrong to do. Just as murder is wrong to do. That we are to love everyone does not mean that we need to like, accept and embrace what they do. This is a very bold, confrontational move on the part of the author and sustainer of sin. Of course, I am referring to Satan. As difficult as it is, love everyone but don’t like or imitate their sin. Accept that they don’t know better and if necessary distance yourself from the person who tries to force you to embrace sinful behavior. I speak from experience and it has been a painful lesson for me.


    • Hi sbarthel2016,

      Thank you for your comment. I definitely agree, we must love everyone but not tolerate any sinful behavior. Every sin comes with a consequence and we would like to give warning as much as possible to this world.



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