Evolutionists are wrong: billions of years will NOT create life

In this post, let me share with you how evolutionists deceived us. They tell us that given unlimited time, life would start. But is it? Let me show you how to easily debunk the Theory of Evolution!

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Your evolution book would tell you that if we are given enough time, life would spontaneously appear on our planet.

But is this true?

Are we really to believe that if given with millions or billions of years, we will eventually arrive at the origin of life?

Well, that’s not what most scientists now believe.

Here’s an interesting development in the scientific world:

More and more respected and honest scientists are now questioning the Theory of Evolution.

Evolution has a lot of holes that most proponents fail to fix and one of them is the argument of unlimited time giving rise to life.

So, what’s the truth?

Here’s the truth:

Unlimited time does not give a chance to the origin of life.

Let me plainly explain so you can also easily explain it to your friends and families who might have unwittingly fooled by this evolutionists’ fable.

Organic synthesis is a complicated, complex, and intricate process.

Thus, time is really not a friend of evolution, but an enemy.

Many chemicals needed for life are thermodynamically unstable.

Okay, that’s kind of scientific jargon.

What it basically means is that they can easily decompose over a very short period of time.

One of these chemicals needed for life is carbohydrates.

Carbohydrates are important when it comes to linking together DNA.

Here’s something you need to think about:

If it is true that if we are given enough time, meaning, millions or billions of years for life to develop, then once carbohydrates have accidentally formed (if ever that is possible), then it would have already decomposed way before it has a chance to build DNA blocks to generate life!

Carbohydrates would soon be gone.

It won’t have a chance to develop life anymore.

Carbohydrates will not sit there and wait for thousands or millions of years for other elements of life to appear.

Obviously, NO!

The law of organic chemistry won’t permit such a difficult feat!

Now, that’s just the carbohydrates.

Think about the immense complexity of amino acids, proteins, enzymes, lipids, and nucleic acids.

All these need to appear all at once to create life.

Not only that, but that would only be the simplest form of life.

You would need to figure out how these cells came together to form the heart, lungs, liver, skin, and others.

If the heart appears first with no lungs, then that creature will not live.

You get the idea.

Do you know that in spite of the explosive biological breakthroughs that we have over the past decades, even the most brilliant scientists are not able to produce life’s chemical building blocks?

Not only that but if you even give these blocks to scientists, they won’t still be able to produce even a single bacterium.

Yet, evolutionists would tell us that life randomly started when a bolt of lightning struck a primordial soup and a lizard slithered out from it.

If we would be honest with ourselves, we need to admit how ridiculous this story is.

It’s time to debunk evolution and call it as it is – a fairy tale.

While more and more scientists are turning their back from the Theory of Evolution, most are not willing to believe the alternative – believing in a Creator God.

Sad but true.

However, there’s really no other way to explain life here on earth.

Given the exponential improbability of life coming from nothing, it takes more faith to believe in evolution rather than on God.

That’s the truth!

If you want to learn more, there are a lot of books that will help you prove that evolution is false and that God is true. I have written a list of books that you might want to check. It’s “The 10 Best Books that Prove Christianity is True.”


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