50 reasons to read my new e-book

Hello Dear Readers,

If you have been reading my previous messages, you know that I have released the expanded and updated version of my e-book, “The Power of His Word.” It’s available via Amazon Kindle, and it’s only $0.99 until July 16. (The regular price is $2.99).

The Power of His Word (Updated, 3D)

So today, I thought I’d share the table of contents of my e-book. Every chapter of this e-book is reason enough for you to enjoy and get inspired by its content.

Notice, each chapter can be read as a stand-alone resource. Feel free to jump around from one chapter to another in a random order so you can learn the specific lessons when you need it the most.

If even one idea or chapter sparks your interest…grab the e-book now and take advantage of the discounted price.

* * * * *

Chapter 1 | What is Your Greatest Passion?
Chapter 2 | The Enduring Faith of the Canaanite Woman
Chapter 3 | Are You a Laodicean Christian?
Chapter 4 | Wonderful Benefits of Gratitude
Chapter 5 | Are You Your Brother’s Keeper?
Chapter 6 | Punctuality: The Lost Art of Respecting Time
Chapter 7 | Blessings or Trials in Disguise?
Chapter 8 | How to Make the Right Decisions
Chapter 9 | The Power Of Words: Be An Encourager!
Chapter 10 | Never Tell a Gossip
Chapter 11 | Will Winning the Lottery make you Happy?
Chapter 12 | Never Compare Yourself to Others
Chapter 13 | The Life-Changing Prayer of Jabez
Chapter 14 | Praying the Prayer that God Hears
Chapter 15 | Read the Whole Bible within the Year
Chapter 16 | We Are Christian Soldiers – Fighting our Spiritual Battles
Chapter 17 | The Perseverance of Noah: A Great Example of Preaching the Gospel
Chapter 18| What to Tell Yourself When You Start Doubting God’s Existence
Chapter 19 | Harnessing the Power of Consistency
Chapter 20 | The Pearl of Great Price
Chapter 21 | Live Life to The Fullest!
Chapter 22 | What’s so Amazing About Grace Anyway?
Chapter 23 | What Does it Mean to Put Your Hand on the Plow and Look Back?
Chapter 24 | How Much Do You Appreciate The Life And Death Of Jesus Christ?
Chapter 25 | Are you Suffering from The Missing Tile Syndrome? Here are 3 Antidotes!
Chapter 26 | The Problem with Finding Love Outside the Church
Chapter 27 | Deadly Pitfalls You Should Avoid When Studying End-Time Prophecy
Chapter 28 | Is It Boring To Be A Christian?
Chapter 29 | 5 Simple Biblical Steps to Become More Positive
Chapter 30 | Should Christians become Doomsday Preppers?
Chapter 31 | Living a Christian Life in a YOLO Culture
Chapter 32 | 5 Irrefutable Strategies to Become a Leader Like Jesus Christ
Chapter 33 | 10 of Life’s Greatest Questions Asked in the Bible
Chapter 34 | Top 20 Surprising Biblical Facts about Satan
Chapter 35 | How can Christians Survive World War III?
Chapter 36 | 7 Powerful Ways to Keep the Unity of the Church
Chapter 37 | Why God will not Forgive Your Sins?
Chapter 38 | Questions Christians Should Ask When Choosing a Song
Chapter 39 | Can you be a Christian and reject the Bible?
Chapter 40 | The Incredible and TRUE Purpose of Life according to the Bible
Chapter 41 | Crucial Lessons We Need to Learn from the Bereans
Chapter 42 | 20 Biblical Facts about Angels
Chapter 43 | Why Christians Should Stop Saying These 5 Expressions
Chapter 44 | Mastering the Art of Delayed Gratification
Chapter 45 | Anna the Prophetess: Devoting Your Life For God
Chapter 46 | What to Do When You are Tired of Being a Christian?
Chapter 47 | How to Easily Prove the Resurrection of Jesus Christ
Chapter 48 | The Surest and Quickest Way to Get Rich according to the Bible
Chapter 49 | Are you a Modern Day Judas?
Chapter 50 | 10 Deadliest Signs of Self-Righteousness

* * * * *

Click here to get your copy now – just $0.99.

Warm regards,

* * * * *

Click here to get your copy now – just $0.99.

Warm regards,


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