Help make this e-book a big success

Hello Dear Readers,

The Power of His Word (Updated, 3D)As you may already know, I have launched the expanded and updated version of my e-book, “The Power of His Word.” I wanted to get this e-book in as many hands as possible. That’s why I set the price as low as possible for one week ($0.99). Actually, this is the last day for the discounted price. Come July 17, it will return to its regular price $2.99.

So, why did I not just make this e-book free? Here are the two reasons:

  1. People value what they pay for. If I gave you a book for free, you might be excited to read a few pages and chapters. But most people would just read as many as five chapters. However, if you pay, this will motivate you to really read the whole book.
  2. I need financial help in creating more content for my website. Most of my readers are aware of my website, As you may all know, maintaining a website isn’t free. While ideas are everywhere, there are still bills to pay. Putting a lot of high-quality, engaging content together needs a great amount of work, time, and energy.

If you order today, it’ll be a huge help for me and the work I’m doing. I believe that the book will not just help for me, but also help you. I put together priceless lessons that you will surely find beneficial in your daily Christian walk.

Warm Regards,



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