Is It Possible To Solve School Violence Without God?

violence in schoolsJust within this week, I heard of shocking news about a high school student in Bend, Oregon who shot and killed himself in front of his classmates. The death of the kid is unheard of and it is really a surprise for many people to hear of someone killing himself in a very young age while having a class. Imagine how can a kid get a gun, point a gun to his head, pull the trigger, and kill himself? There is no doubt that this is another evidence of the prevalent violence in our school.

This world is filled with violence and there is no doubt that violence is quickly filling our schools. We are appalled and shocked with news items pertaining to violence in schools especially those that result to death. Though many school violence resulting to death may be sensationalized by the media, we cannot dismiss the fact that other forms of violence is so common in school grounds such as bullying. What is really the root cause of this and what can be the solution?

An educational system hostile to God

There is no doubt that the educational system that we have now is hostile to God. In the United States, the banning of prayer and Bible reading since 1963 has made a great impact on the morality of the society as a whole. Because of the current educational system that we have, WE ARE TAUGHT TO MAKE A LIVING, BUT NEVER TAUGHT ON HOW TO PROPERLY LIVE.

Today, our educational system is basically secular without any acknowledgement of God. To make things worse, the theory of Evolution has brainwashed our youth that we are mere products of random genetic mutation; that there is no hope beyond the grave; that life is nothing, but a brief and meaningless short existence.

Any mention about God, the Bible, and His way of life is being frowned upon. If anyone will talk about morality and sin, that person will be branded as judgmental, offensive, and hypocrite. Children are raised in a very secular world where morality is not absolute. Children are immersed in violent music and entertainment. Then we wonder why there is so much violence in our schools!

What solution do they suggest?

With the growing violence in our schools, there are so many “solutions” that they believe will help curb down the problem.

Law makers believe that increased police presence will do the trick. While this can be a plausible solution, what can really prevent kids from doing violence in the absence of a police? A mind bent on violence will soon find a way on how it can perpetuate the violence it conceived. Increasing police visibility is an ambitious solution as we consider the decreasing budget given to our law enforcers.

Another solution being suggested is to add razor wire and metal detectors in our schools! Now think about that! What’s next? Fences? Prison bars? And to think that these schools are in the land of the FREE! It seems that schools are slowly being transformed to a maximum high-security prison.

The truth is, our law makers are too blind to see the REAL solutions to this problem. INSTEAD OF ADDRESSING THE MAIN CAUSE OF THE PROBLEM, THEY ARE JUST FOCUSING ON THE EFFECT. It is like giving a kid a band aid while what he really needs is a surgery!

A lasting solution for school violence

The problem is spiritual in nature and the solution should be spiritual as well. There is no doubt that the problem is deep rooted within the immoral choices of the people. The society is aggressively pushing God out of the picture because they thought that is the way they can be happy. But no, it will never work that way.

School violence is the result of collective poor moral choices of the people that have many negative effects. With the attack on the traditional family structure, we see more kids growing up without the proper guidance. Satan is so angry with the family unit that he is on duty 24/7 just to destroy families. Thus, we see dysfunctional children coming out from dysfunctional families. The vicious cycle only repeats itself without any end in sight.

It is really impossible to solve school violence without putting God back in the picture. WE ARE JUST REAPING WHAT WE SOW and the violence will still continue as we willingly look away from God.

I hope this world will wake up. I hope this nation will wake up. As George Washington put it, “It is impossible to rightly govern this World without God and the Bible”. If only this world will have the eyes to see the handwriting on the wall, we can all turn back from our wicked ways, repent, and return to God. Unless that day comes, we are ALL doomed to self-destruction.

Thankfully, Jesus Christ will come back here on earth, not as a child in a manger, but a conquering King to establish His perfect Kingdom. In this Kingdom, school violence will only be a history; it will become a thing of the past. May we all pray that God hasten that day!

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