Priscilla Shirer Armor of God Book 2022 Review

In this blog, you will read a book review of Priscilla Shirer’s book, Armor of God. We will go through what the book is all about, why you should read it, and what people say about the book.

Priscilla Shirer Armor of God Summary

Armor of God Priscilla Shirer Book Review image
Armor of God Priscilla Shirer Book Review image

We’re all soldiers, whether we realize it or not, and we’re all enlisted to fight battles, whether we like it or not.

Everyone knows that real soldiers from each country fight with battle tanks, machine guns, and grenades against their physical enemies.

However, few understand that every human being, from the smallest to the greatest, youngest to the oldest, is fighting a battle against an unseen real enemy.

The Armor of God includes six weeks of homework that you can complete between seven group sessions, as well as leader aids and perforated prayer cards for developing a prayer strategy.

However, this book is more than just a textbook in preparing us for the invisible war; it also serves as our eyes to see the intangibles; no soldier should go into battle unprepared or unequipped.

Who is Priscilla Shirer?

Armor of God Priscilla Shirer Book Review image
Who is Priscilla Shirer?

Priscilla Shirer is an American author, motivational speaker, actress, and Christian evangelist with a Master’s degree in Biblical Studies and works as a Bible teacher and conference speaker, but a wife and a mother first and foremost. 

Her books are New York Times Best-Seller, including The Resolution for Women, One in a Million, and Life Interrupted

She also played the lead in the film War Room. She has been actively leading the Go Beyond Ministries with her husband while caring for her three growing boys.

Her daily personal experience of dedication in the family and church significantly contributes to her ability as an effective and influential speaker and writer.

Armor of God Book Summary

The Armor of God (Bible Study) is a fantastic book that strategically lays the foundation for a Christian soldier. 

A head-on chapter begins with recognizing and comprehending who the invisible perpetrator is, which is critical to avoiding the feeling of being lost in a battle. 

Priscilla then expounds comprehensively on each armor of God, dissected into six more chapters, and wrapped up with a go-to Leader Guide and Prayer Strategy Pages. 

This book will help you be quick-discerning and be war-ready anytime the enemy attacks.

To get an overview of this book, here is its table of content:

About the Author (p. 4)

Introduction (p. 5)

Sizing Up the Enemy (p. 8)

The Belt of Truth (p. 38) 

The Breastplate of Righteousness (p. 66)

The Shoe of Peace (p. 92)

The Shield of Faith (p. 122)

The Helmet of Salvation (p. 150)

The Sword of the Spirit (p. 180)

Leader Guide (p. 182)

Prayer Strategy Pages (p. 192)

Here’s a photo of the Armor of God’s table of content as it gives you a deeper look at what to expect in this book:

Armor of God Priscilla Shirer Book table of contents
Armor of God Priscilla Shirer Book table of contents

As you can see, there are a lot of things you’ll learn from this book. After reading this book, you’ll have a deeper understanding of what the Armor of God really means.

Armor fo God Book Description

To get an overview of what this book is all about, here are some important details you need to know:

  • Publication date: August 1, 2015
  • Print length: 192 pages
  • Publisher: LifewayPress
  • Reading age: 18 years and up
  • Language: English

The Armor of God has grown into a series of related books. Because of its immense popularity, Priscilla and her team created additional resources to complement the first published Armor of God book.

The Armor of God (Leader Kit) is an action-packed plan book for putting on the armor of God and developing a personalized strategy to secure victory. 

The Armor of God - Leader Kit

The leader kit includes One Bible study book with personal study segments to complete between 7 weeks of group sessions and a leader guide to lead discussion within small groups. Two DVDs with enriching teaching videos, approximately 18-43 minutes per session card, with three additional digital downloads of teaching videos. 

Great paired with The Armor of God (Bible Study Book), both books are the best companion for a leader in a battle.

The Armor of God (Teen Bible Study Book) pronouncing an invisible war rages around you 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The cunning, devilish adversary seeks to devastate everything that matters to you. 

The Armor of God (Teen bible study book)

Facing puberty, peer pressure, and the feeling of finding a sense of belongingness as a teenager makes you are more of a perfect vulnerable prey to the enemy.

More important than choosing a fitting attire for the prom, know what spiritual armors should array you in facing daily spiritual wars. When confronted with a battle-ready opponent, the adversary always fails miserably.

Why you should read Priscilla Shierer Armor of God

You should read this book simply for these main reasons, it is engaging, interactive, wisdom-packed, succinct, and indeed an excellent Guide if you truly desire to study each of the armors of God intensively.

Why you should not read this book

The only reason why you shouldn’t read this book is if you don’t desire to be equipped, and be battle-ready in your spiritual journey.

What readers are saying

Most readers who are ahead of the armor of God agree that this book fits its claims very well, expounding each piece of armor in a thoughtful and easy-to-understand manner. Others have insisted on having the video sessions coupled with this book to broaden and unlock the full potential this book has already to offer.

Please feel free to read Amazon Armor of God reviews to see what other readers think about this book and Priscilla.

Armor of God book quotes

Here are some of the best quotes from the book of Priscilla Shirer Armor of God.

“Restricting yourself in the truth of God’s word actually releases you into a freedom you would not otherwise have.”

“Faith is acting like it is so, even when it’s not so, in order that it might be so simply because God said so.”

“Ministry is when you point out Jesus – nothing more and nothing less.”

Should you read Priscilla Shirer Armor of God Book

I highly recommend Armor of God – alongside your Bible – this book is a get-go must-have guidebook for every Christian soldier. 

Be a Soldier that is fit and ready both to fight every war within and may be able to reach for the weary souls along our journey.

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