Advertise With Us!

Advertise with Us!

Advertising on Becoming Christians is a highly effective strategy to reach more people around the world. We produce creative and compelling ads that will meet your preference, budget, and need. You also have the option to create your ad and we’ll place them in various places on our page for maximum exposure.

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Sponsor a blog

Another option you may want to explore is to sponsor a blog. I can write a blog and endorse your product or services.

I’m a freelance writer. Hire me. 

Aside from blogging, I am a registered nurse and a FULL-TIME online freelance writer. I have been in this business since 2011.  I write articles, essays, and blogs. I love writing about religion, self-improvement, product reviews, medical, and online marketing topics. Of course, I can write any topic under the sun as long as the needed information is readily available.

Please check out my Upwork profile to know more about my professional experience. Please click this link.

So if you need some writing projects to be done, I am sure I can help. Or you know anyone who needs my service, please refer me. That would mean a lot to me. 🙂

Contact Me

If you are interested in advertising with us, please get in touch. Here are my contact details:

Skype ID: joshuainfantado

I’d love to discuss with you other details. I’m open to suggestions as well. Since I’m relatively new with advertising, I’m charging an insanely low rate per view.

Take advantage of my offer! Don’t hesitate to reach out. You’ll be happy you did. 🙂