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November 3, 2022

Todayโ€™s reading: Proverbs 9:10

The beginning of wisdom

We read in Proverbs 9:10:

10 โ€œThe fear of the LORD is the beginning of wisdom,
And the knowledge of the Holy One is understanding. 

Fearing God doesnโ€™t mean you are paralyzed with fear that you canโ€™t do anything anymore. The Fear of Yahweh means that we revere, respect, and love God. It means that because we fear God, we seek a relationship with Him.

Now, true and heavenly wisdom does not come to us naturally. We canโ€™t discover them on our own. We can never become truly wise until and unless we fear Yahweh.

The Hebrew word for beginning here can also mean the opening, which means, when we fear God, we open the door to gaining wisdom. Fearing God is the key to learning about how to truly live this life to the fullest.

As we look around us, people have lost their fear of God. As a result, what most people think to be wisdom is actually foolishness. They think that it is wise to think that the world came by itself and that thereโ€™s no need for a creator. They think that life here on earth came out spontaneously.

As a result, people donโ€™t value human life anymore. We see the rise of evil dictators and how they cause so much pain and suffering in the world.

There are numerous examples of people thinking that they are wise but actually fools in their thinking. From our school system to our government, people have tried to throw away God and remove any trace of Him. They thought that they are better off without God.

We are now seeing the consequences of this foolish thinking.

The best way to live this life is to live it according to Godโ€™s will and purpose. When we fear God, we strive to have a close relationship with Him. When we fear God, we learn to follow His commandments. When we fear God, He will grant us wisdom that will guide us in every decision we make.

Thus, without fear of God, we all become fools trying to figure out how to live this life.


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3 thoughts on “๐Ÿ“… The beginning of wisdom – Daily Bible Reading

  1. Very much agree with your definition of the “Fear of the Lord”, as well as what the “Beginning of Wisdom” connotes. And, obviously, in an age and region where humanism and scientism have replaced true and undefiled religion in the culture, the fear of God, as well as belief in God, have all but disappeared from the culture.

    And this carries with it numerous horrific consequences. The fear of the Lord is strongly associated with the shaming of those who behave against His precepts, either from society at large, or from within the sinner’s heart. If Heaven and salvation are the carrots with which God lures us home, then the fear of God is the stick. Without that stick, a reprobate can act in a way that should be shameful, without fear of consequence.

    Without shame, its counterpart, honor, loses all value. Without honor holding high value, duty becomes a matter of convenience rather than a sacrificial imperative. Self-control becomes a descriptor of the weak and fearful, rather than of the righteous and strong. And wisdom is knowing that the strong victimize the weak, and only a fool cares for the hopeless.

    And we see society degenerating, all around us, as a result of the destruction of these civilization-supporting paradigms, even leaving the most important impact, the individual’s spiritual destruction caused by this decay, aside entirely.

    However, I’d be careful in saying “Because of this, human life is cheap now”. Historically speaking, life has been cheap in almost all places, throughout almost all of human history. After all, broad is the way that leads to destruction and, presumably, all of those who go thereby have devalued the lives of their neighbors, to one degree or another, no? They almost certainly did not, lacking a scriptural command to do so, “Love (their) neighbor as (themselves)”. Including, I would suggest, many cultures who devalued human life BECAUSE of their fear in a god/gods. Think of Aztecs. Or the Crusades. Or the Ottomans. Or the Native Americans. Or, for that matter, the Israelites who killed “every man, woman, child and animal” because they were “other than” (and God told them to). Human sacrifice has been practiced on every continent, by every race, and always in service to a god or gods. So, I’m not sure the lack of a fear of God can be accurately depicted as the cause of the rise of evil dictators, or people acting inhumanely to one another. These things seem an immutable part of the human condition, lacking redemptive grace from the one, true God, rather than being “absent” in those who “fear God”.

    I would simply suggest that “The fool has said in his heart ‘There is no god'”, and therefore, nothing to be afraid of. So we see them, all around, screaming “more food, more drink, make me happy”, and this is the focus of the life of a fool. Sound familiar? We killed shame, scorned faith, and act like animals. How could life NOT be cheapened, when we all see our neighbors acting like animals, instead of like children of God?

    Not saying the two are unrelated. Just saying I’m not sure you can make an irrefutable causative link between lacking a fear of God and people devaluing human life. But great read, thanks!


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