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October 2, 2022

Today’s reading: Psalms 80:3

Shine Your face on us

We read in Psalms 80:3:

3 Restore us, O God;
Cause Your face to shine,
And we shall be saved!

We all experience exhaustion. Sometimes, it feels like we are depleted. Our strength is gone. Our relationship with God is weak and shallow.

Psalm 80 is a prayer for the restoration of Israel. However, we, too, can pray for restoration and for God to shine His face on us.

As human beings, we are like rechargeable batteries. We lose energy, but we can always recharge ourselves. People charge in various ways. Some take vacations. Some take a rest. Some look for other things to do.

However, for us, followers of Christ, we recharge ourselves in God. We ask for restoration. We ask that our strength, relationship, and love for others would be renewed through God’s power and might.

Now, notice that we should also ask for God’s face to shine on us. It means we ask for his favor, presence, and protection.

When God’s face shines on us, it means He’s looking over us. He is looking in our direction. His attention is on us and He is interested in us.

With God’s light, we feel His presence. With His presence, we are led to the right path. Every step of our way is guided by God’s shining face.

With God’s presence, we also enjoy His protection. We are not left in the dark, but rather we are led to the light where there’s safety and security.

We must understand that God doesn’t shine his face on every one. If He does, then we don’t have to pray for His face to shine on us. He shines His face on those who genuinely seek Him. He chooses the people with whom He bestows favor and grace.

Thus, we should and we must always ask for God’s face to shine on us. We must recognize the importance of having this favor in our lives as we navigate through life’s difficulties and challenges.


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