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October 2, 2022

Today’s reading: Romans 10:2

Sincerely wrong

We read in Romans 10:2:

2 For I bear them witness that they have a zeal for God, but not according to knowledge.

Paul was referring to the house of Israel. He explained how the Jewish people in his day were passionate about God. In fact, Paul was once one of those Jews who have great fervor in doing the will of Yahweh. 

Yet, Paul’s passion and zeal were driven by ignorance. He and other Jews wanted to protect their religion from changes. They did their best to suppress the growing influence of the Way. They will do anything to keep their religion.

However, after Paul’s conversion, he understood how ignorant zeal can be dangerous and even fatal.

We can also see the same problem in our world today. A lot of Christians are passionate about God’s work. Some preached God’s word with all their might and resources. Some people travel around the world to share the Gospel. Some people dedicate their entire life to the service of God.

Yet, a lot of these people are sincerely wrong. Yes, they are sincere but their beliefs are wrong. They are passionate about defending what they believe but in reality, they are defending doctrines that are not inspired by God’s word.

There’s a real danger in having only a little knowledge or having no knowledge at all. Misplaced zeal and passion could ruin people’s lives.

That’s the reason that we must constantly seek the truth and understand the truth. We can’t simply blindly follow people. We must follow the One and True God. We must constantly learn and develop a zeal according to the knowledge of God.

Only then we can be confident that we are both sincere and right.


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