How to debunk the Trinity Doctrine

The Trinity doctrine — the belief that God is composed of three gods — is among the major teachings of Christianity today.

However, did you know that the word trinity isn’t even mentioned in the Bible?

Not only that, but the Bible has consistently taught that there are only TWO Beings in the God Family — God the Most High and His Son, Yahshua the Messiah (Jesus Christ).

I know this is hard to believe for most Christians. However, you don’t have to believe me, you need to believe your Bible!

That’s why I want to share with you:

The Great TRINITY Hoax: 5 Easy Ways To Debunk The Trinity Doctrine.”

In this blog, you will learn:

  • How the Bible doesn’t teach the Trinity doctrine
  • How the Apostle Paul denied the Trinity
  • How the world is deceived by believing a nonbiblical doctrine
  • The truth about God’s nature
  • The Bible verses that debunk the Trinity

So, if you want to learn more about what the Bible really teaches about Trinity, then you need to read this blog.

I assure you, that this blog will open your eyes to the truth.

I hope to see you there!



One thought on “How to debunk the Trinity Doctrine

  1. Your first sentence is actually not accurately representing the teaching. The teaching of God as a Trinity isn’t that there are “three gods”. You should know this if you’ve been a Christian long enough, even if you disagree with it. It’s a dishonest misrepresentation. A “Straw Man” of what those who believe this teaching actually believe.


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