What Heaven REALLY looks like

When you hear the word “heaven,” what’s the first thing that comes into your mind?

Is it clouds? Huge gate? God’s throne? Angels? How about babies playing harps?

No matter what you think about heaven, there’s no doubt that the Christian mind has been badly influenced by false teachings and wrong traditions developed by man.

If you really want to know what heaven looks like, you need to go to the Bible.

That’s why I want to share with you nothing but the truth about the Bible.

I can tell you, the truth about the Bible can be stranger than fiction. In fact, if you read my latest blog, you’ll surely be surprised how the Heaven mentioned in the Bible is diametrically DIFFERENT to what we are commonly told in the pulpit!

That’s why, if you wish to have a biblically accurate picture of heaven, I highly recommend you read the article, “How heaven looks like according to the Bible.”

You don’t have to be deceived forever. You can know the truth and the truth will surely set you free.

I hope you don’t waste this opportunity to learn more about the truth found in your Bible.


What does heaven look like?

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