📅 The law of jealousy – Daily Bible Reading

April 20, 2022

Today’s reading: Numbers 5:11-31

The Torah of Jealousy

We come to one of the strangest offerings in the Bible, at least for our modern mind, it is strange. We find it in Numbers 5:11-31. I highly recommend you read it before you continue reading this.

If you have read this portion of the Scripture, you might wonder, what is this strange offering? Thus, it is important for us to understand how this works, its purpose, and its deeper meaning.

For one, there’s justified jealousy and unfounded jealousy.

There’s also righteous jealousy and unrighteous jealousy. It is worth noting that even the Most High is a jealous God.

Before we judge the law of jealousy as a harsh law, we need to realize the time the Israelites were living in.

During that time, a husband can easily divorce his wife just because of suspicion of unfaithfulness. In neighboring nations, a husband can even kill his wife.

So, the law of jealousy was placed as a way to protect women from their husbands. This gave the women a way to prove their innocence.

Another benefit of this trial was to show the nation the seriousness of the sin of adultery and how destructive it is. We can even assume that this law also applies to unfaithful husbands as God does not play favoritism.

It’s worth noting that the Almighty has good reasons for everything He commands. While you and I personally don’t fully understand the ritual involved in this law, we can be sure that it was for the greater good of the Israelites.

🔥 To learn more, I highly recommend you read, “Why is God a Jealous God?

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One thought on “📅 The law of jealousy – Daily Bible Reading

  1. How can we apply these law to the new testament people?
    Assumed God’s law will lead you to false teaching. Its not a good practice to assume in God’s word especially if its not clearly or explicitly stated.


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