Should Christians celebrate Easter?

In just a few days, millions of devoted Christians will celebrate Easter.

As popular Easter, as it may be, the truth is that Easter was never taught in the Bible!

As shocking as it may sound, Easter was rooted in paganism rather than in Scripture.

I know this can be difficult to accept, but hear me out for a minute.

If you want to know the truth or simply want to see why you should consider your understanding of this popular holiday, please read this blog:

10 Compelling Reasons Christians Should Not Keep Easter

Click that link and discover the surprising truth about Easter.

Plus, as a bonus, when you open that page, you’ll get a chance to receive a FREE booklet about the resurrection of the Messiah.

So, if you want to learn the truth, don’t miss this golden opportunity to study the Word of God.

Until He comes,

10 Compelling Reasons Christians Should Not Keep Easter

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