Sunday Worshipers admit they are wrong

Did you know that scholars, top theologians, honest Bible students, and a few people readily admit that the Sabbath we read in the Scripture isn’t on Sunday but rather on Saturday?

As surprising and shocking as it may sound, the very leaders of Sunday keepers would tell you that Sunday was NEVER ordained by God but rather it was a choice made by man!

Yes, that’s right. 

There are a lot of statements made by various churches and Christian denominations that the Sabbath is not on Sunday, but rather it is on Saturday.

I know this can be difficult to believe.

That’s why I highly recommend you read my blog, “How Sunday Worshipers Acknowledge the True Sabbath Day.

(P.S. The featured blog I mentioned includes tens of documented admission of Sunday keepers that they are keeping the wrong date. If you are ready to know the truth, don’t miss this golden opportunity!)

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