This book will radically change how you raise your children

You and I know that parenting is among the most fulfilling roles you can ever have in this lifetime. 

However, it’s not a secret that it can also be the most challenging and complicated one.

That’s why, in order for you to become a responsible and effective parent, you need to have the right wisdom and knowledge.

You can get your knowledge from any place you may know. However, the best source of parenting wisdom would be the Bible.

In line with this, I want to introduce to you a book that is based on the Bible and helps you learn how you can become a better parent.

This book is called Parenting and is written by Paul David Tripp. It discusses the 14 Gospel principles that will guide you in raising your kids. It also improves your knowledge of how God expects you to play the role He has given you.

I have written a book review of Parenting and I want you to check it out and see if it is the right book for you. I have personally read this book and I can tell you that has really changed my perspective on how we should act and respond as parents.


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