To vaccinate or not: what does the Bible say?

In this eye-opening presentation, let me share with you what the Bible really says about Vaccines. Not only that, but I will give you four principles to remember when deciding whether you should get vaccinated or not.

Go through this presentation from beginning to end to discover the biblical truth about vaccines!


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4 thoughts on “To vaccinate or not: what does the Bible say?

  1. Did anyone bother to read the list of ingredients ?
    No one wants that poison put into their own bodies nor their babies bodies, ever.
    (I checked – there is nothing good nor life-helping in the vaccines)

    So how did billions of people get deceived into it ? Simple, lie to them. Do not ever tell them what is in the vaccines. Just keep telling them they need it.
    Like hitler said, tell a lie over and over, and people will believe it.
    (hitler loved vaccines and pharmakeia, apparently. )


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