Is God cursing us with wildfires?

Are wildfires a curse from God?

Is God the one who is causing wildfires to punish people?

Can a loving God really allow wildfires to destroy, injure, and kill?

In this post, let us take a look at the truth about wildfires.

Discover not just what the Bible says about wildfires, but also about natural calamities and sufferings here on earth.

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3 thoughts on “Is God cursing us with wildfires?

  1. What looks like a curse…only looks like one when the event is viewed from a singular perspective. And what other choice do any of us have but to view things this way? We have no choice in this matter because we are NOT ALL KNOWING.. we cannot take all things into account.

    We are never able to see the entire global picture- which takes all things, people, into account.

    There is only ONE who can : Almighty God.

    He showed me this one day by using the example of Sodom and Gomorrah..

    Imagine getting off work and driving home into town. And from a distance you see the your hometown on FIRE AND ABLAZE..with your loved ones living in the town and friends.

    Surely to this person…to see the devastation, and lives lost, ur own home destroyed would feel like a curse. Especially because of the immense pain and not understanding why this could of happened.

    At that moment we see what has happened to us, what weve lost..and what others have suffered around us.

    But it is like ONE SLICE OF A PIE.

    The pie HAS INNUMBERABLE AMOUNTS OF INFINITE SLICES because it is eternal.

    We will never know whether an event is good or bad. Impossible.

    Only God does. Therefore we MUST GO TO HIM to know.

    Then we can see that what looked like a curse, was a necessary cleansing. A cleansing that saved an entire nation of people by the necessary destruction of a town.


    • Hey Ben!

      I like your perspective in this one. It is true that we can really not know all things because we are finite. That’s where our trust in the Almighty would come in.

      In times of confusion and when we don’t understand, we can always turn to God and have the confidence that He will work all things for good.



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