This One Verse Tells You Why You Will Not Be Saved! [Video]

A lot of people think that once they have accepted Yahshua or Jesus Christ as their Savior, they won’t lose out their salvation anymore. But is this true?

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Well, Christ taught contrary to this popular belief.

In fact, in Luke 9:62, you will read a particular verse that explains why people won’t be part of His Kingdom. These people have already committed their lives to God, yet, Christ was telling them that there’s still a chance that they will fail.

Thus, it is important to understand Luke 9:62 and how looking back can disqualify you from God’s Kingdom.

I have created a video for you explaining Luke 9:62.

Watch the video here.

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2 thoughts on “This One Verse Tells You Why You Will Not Be Saved! [Video]

  1. Jesus said “keep on seeking first the Kingdom”: this evidently means that those who fail to “keep” seeking won’t be saved.
    He also said that Christians have to “persevere” till the end.
    So there is no such thing as once saved safe for good


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