321 Insights: What was nailed to the cross?

Hello dear readers!

It’s time for another 321 Insights. I hope you’re excited to read our newsletter today. In this post, I’ll share with you 3 blogs, 2 lessons, and 1 Biblical question.

3 Posts

2 Lessons

Don’t be just a hearer

A lot of Christians today are using grace as a license to sin. 

They believe that since Christ died for them, they don’t have to follow God’s commandments anymore. As a result, they are deceived and thought that they can say “I love God” and not fulfill His will and purpose for them.

The Apostle Paul, whom a lot of Christians thought to have freed Christians from the law, tells us something contrary to their popular belief:

“For not the hearers of the law are just in the sight of God, but the doers of the law will be justified” (Romans 2:13).

As you can see, faith without works is dead and without works, you won’t be justified in the sight of God.

While it is true that we can never earn salvation through our works, it is equally true as well that we can’t be saved without works.

When we do our good works, we don’t try to earn our salvation. Rather, we show God how committed we are in loving and following Him.

It is through our works that we prove to God that we are faithful and not just merely by our words.

Don’t look to people, look to God

Don’t rely on people to give you meaning, approval, and value. Sometimes, people don’t have these things to give you. As a result, you are setting up yourself for frustrations, disappointments, and depression.

Give yourself a break: don’t let them decide who you are or what you can and can’t do. Instead, place your value on God. It is the Almighty who knows you who are and what you are capable of doing. 

When you stand before the Judgment Seat of the Most High, He will not ask you if you were able to make people happy and pleased at all times. He won’t ask you if you have their approval, applause, and support. He won’t ask you how much you have made them like you.

Instead, God is going to ask you: 

“Have you fulfilled my purpose for your life?” 

“How much godly character have you developed?” 

“How much of my will have you done?”

So, don’t depend and rely on other people to give you value and hope. Go to our Heavenly Father. He is the only one who can give those to you.

1 Bible Question:

Can you be good without God?

For many non-believers, atheists, and opponents of the Bible, they believe that they can be good without God.

However, is that true? Is this possible?

For one, without the belief in God, how can a person know what is good and evil? Since morality will be subjective, what is good for you might not be good for me.

Who will be the final authority? Who will tell us what is good or evil?

You see, without God, everyone’s guesses are as good as anyone else’s. Everyone is free to choose whatever it is that they feel and think that is good.

So, if Hitler believed that it is good for him to exterminate millions of Jews, who are you to condemn him for being evil? What would be your basis? Your opinion, your belief?

There’s only one way for man to be good and that is to have a belief in God.

God sets the standard for what is good and evil. He is the one who determines morality. He is the final Authority and has the final say.

So, can man be good without God?

Answer: no.

You have to rely on God to reveal unto us what is good and evil.

(Do you need help in strengthening your faith? If yes, read one of the books I wrote in my list, “The 10 Best Books that Prove Christianity is True.”)

Final words:

That’s it!

I hope you learned something from our week’s 321 Insights edition.

I pray that you stay hungry for God’s truth, faithful to His ways, and zealous for His work.

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Be safe and stay blessed!


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