How Birds Get Oxygen Inside Their Eggs

In this blog post, let us learn how the miracle of life in an egg disprove the theory of evolution.

Have you ever wondered how a chick gets its oxygen while it is still in a fertilized egg?

The first time I thought about this, I was bewildered.

Yes, how do they breathe?

How do they survive especially when you think that an unhatched chick has an air-tight shell that covers it’s body?

How do they survive while they are still inside the egg?

Well, let this amazing video explainer show you:

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As you can see, the life cycle of chickens are more complicated than we first thought.

It is not only the “Which comes first, the chicken or the egg?” dilemma that should capture our attention, but also how these chicks get to breathe while inside their eggs.

For me, I’m a strong believer that this is an amazing and indisputable PROOF of creationism and God’s creative power.

After all, something this complicated, intricate, and complex can’t be a product of mere chance and evolution.

I mean, how do you make that as a product of evolution?

Think about it for a second.

For the miracle of life to come out of the egg, you need to have all the elements present all at the same time!

Evolution tells us that things gradually appear over millions of years ago!

If there is only egg shells but no blood vessels, then the chick will die.

If the blood vessels are there but not shells, lungs, heart, and skin, how will the chick survive?

Even if the chick everything in place — the liver, heart, lungs, skin, and others — but if they don’t have blood vessels, how would they get oxygen? How would they receive nourishment?

Obviously, all the body parts, from the smallest cells to the biggest organs of the chick should already be there if you want the chick to survive.

Now, I know, some people only see tissues, shells, and chicks.

But for me, I see a MIRACLE in the unlikeliest place — in this case, the fertilized chicken egg.

If people would love to believe that life came from a rock, that nothing created nothing, then let them be.

But for me, it’s clear as the morning sun.

This is a manifestation of God’s existence.

The Bible tells us:

“In the beginning, Elohim created the heavens and the earth” (Genesis 1:1).

There’s no perhaps, maybe, or any sign of hesitation.

It’s a complete statement of God’s indisputable existence and creative work.

That’s it for me today.

I hope you learned something.

I’d love to hear from you. So, please drop a comment below and let’s have a conversation. 🙂

P.S. Some years ago, I wrote a blog that you might want to check related to this topic. The title is, “The 10 Best Books that Prove Christianity is True.” If you want to strengthen your faith and learn how to defend it, then check that one out!


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