Created for a Higher Purpose

And the LORD God formed man of the dust of the ground, and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life; and man became a living soul (Genesis 2:7, KJV).

From the beginning of time, God created man for a higher purpose. In Genesis 1, we can see a panoramic view of God’s creation. From this chapter, the creation of man was mentioned but not its specific details. However, in Genesis 2, we can see the focus was shifted to the sixth day when God created man.

All throughout the creation process of man, we can witness the intimate involvement and literal connection of God to us. We need to SERIOUSLY consider how God fearfully and wonderfully made us (Psalms 139:14).

Verse 7 tells us that God “formed” us indicating the personal handling, intricate designing, and precise shaping of our body with God’s own fingers – from the smallest cells to the most complex organ. Aside from forming us, God also “breathed” into our nostrils the breath of life. This tells us the close proximity of God when He gave us the very essence that made us alive.

With all these being said, there’s no doubt that man is God’s SPECIAL creation. When God created other living and non-living things, we can see that God was only speaking. This was never the case with human beings where God Himself stepped down from His throne to personally and intimately create us. Not only did God created man, but He planted the most beautiful paradise called Eden and gave man the dominion over all things.

Though we were made of the dust, we were infused with something that was never found in animals. God didn’t just make the physical component of man, but also the spiritual component. God gave the “spirit of man” to infuse the physical brain with human intellect. We were given the ability to be astronomically more intelligent than any animal on the planet.

Man was made with a purpose. God is calling us to be part of His future Kingdom. He is offering us a life that never ends and the privilege to be part of His Family. From the beginning, God created us with a higher purpose – a purpose that extends throughout the eternity!


4 thoughts on “Created for a Higher Purpose

  1. The message was very inspirational and I’d love to hear and get more of such inspirational & spiritual message to enhance my spiritual growth and put me in a close intimacy with God ,Jesus and Holy Spirit.


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